Aenon hails from the broken city of Finalle. From a young age, he’s always had an infatuation with the sea. His father, who was an adventurer and was rarely home, would regale him with high tales of swashbuckling adventures across the lands. When he would return, his father would often bring him trinkets and gifts from his travels, the most precious of which was the Guitar his father gave him when he was 16.

Not long after receiving his prized guitar, his father left on another adventure, yet this time he never returned. He helped his mother out as best he could, but she too passed in his early twenties.

Aenon decided it was time for him to move on as well, and began travelling the countryside, busking with his guitar, and seeking adventure as his father had.

In his travels, he found a kindred spirit in Amis, as they both seemed to be searching for their place in the world. They formed a fast friendship, and have been travelling together ever since.

Having traversed through many towns, often on the seedier side, Aenon is streetwise and always tries to solve problems with words, avoiding violence when possible.


Mino-Cross Conith