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The Fire Goddess, Queen of the Flame, Angel of the Red, are all names granted to Anachiel. Anachiel is a member of the Celestial Pantheon closely associated with determination and personal sacrifice. As such, followers of The Faith of the Red tend to be very hardworking self made people. This principal attracts people from all walks of life that are willing to dedicate themselves to a cause or goal.


As a Goddess, Anachiel’s original role was to maintain the seasons and keep the Angel of the Light Blue in check. While she has no direct control over weather, Anachiel does have influence over the intensity of sunlight, and as such influence meteorological events.

Anachiel is very hot tempered and renowned for her retributions, a trait only bested by the Angel of the White. It has been said that pride in action is the driving force behind both herself and her followers. Anachiel is never good at losing, often refusing to give in until she has claimed victory or been completely decimated.


Anachiel appears as a tall redheaded woman with flaming wings often wielding a magnificent great axe. Her clothing varies widely with some depictions of her in an elegant silk dress, and yet others depict her as a woman in smithing garb with a thick hammer on. Generally speaking Anachiel is surrounded with a flaming aura that is so hot it burns the air around her making it impossible for mortals, even those immune to fire, to breathe.

The Extinction

During the Extinction, Anachiel was responsible for purging Hunter’s Den. In a theatrical display, the city was destroyed by raining brimstone from the sky. She soon followed this with a massive explosion that polished off all remaining survivors and reduced the town to a desert.

After realizing that she was being used as a pawn by Viles, Ananchiel left Mino-Cross holing up in the infamous Tower of Flames.

Order of the Dawn

The Angel of the Red was reluctant to assist Order of The Dawn initially. However, after entering into her Tower of Flames, the group was able to convince the angel to join their cause. When the Angel of the Black became too weak to hold up the barrier of over Oas, it was Anachiel that stepped up to the task. Anachiel assisted the Dawn in a background role, eventually helping them destroy the Angel of the Green.

Post Order of the Dawn

The Faith of the Red flourishes in both Old Mino and in New Mino-Cross despite the Angel’s hands off approach to her followers.

Known Followers

  • Firewells – Noble house in Mino-cross
  • Quinn – Member of the Order of the Dawn
  • Danica – Onigolio barbarian


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