Amos is a travelling Cleric for the Faith of the Red.


Amos was raised in the Douglas Orphanage at Bend Point where he was well cared for and received a top rate education. He spent many hours reading about the exploits of The Order and his personal hero, Quinn, and so he chose to pursue a life serving Anachiel in hopes of finding adventures of his own. However, he found that the reality of a life of servitude was very different than he imagined. While the majority of his peers were selected for armed service, Amos’ small frame, timid demeanor and education landed him a position as an assistant to Dathros, a religious scholar.

For 20 years, Amos served Dathros and maintained the local church to Anachiel. He found purpose in acting as the spiritual leader of his community and over the years, they embraced him and became the family he never had.

A thick fog covered the ground, the day Dathros died. As the sun rose over the horizon, Amos went to deliver the old man’s morning meal but found a lifeless corpse instead. Among his possessions was a letter addressed to Amos

To Amos
I have spent many decades studying the histories and accounts of angelic intervention. I have sought to understand their nature, their origins, their divine strength and even their shortcomings. Some would say this is heresy, and perhaps it is. I have discovered many more questions than I have answers in my life. I leave to you the fruit of my labors, meager though they may be.

Every living being has a soul. Souls are drawn to each other, and when they bond with each other and become stronger. Belief is the act of drawing from the well of the spirit and manifesting it in the physical world. It is the font from which the devout draw their strength. When a significant number of souls join together in believing, a god is born. Some gods were once living beings, entrusted with the will of those who follow them, others are ideas personified. The strange truth is that we do not draw strength from Anachiel, she draws strength from us.

I have watched you for many years. You were not born strong of arm or quick of mind but your spirit shines brightly. It is filled with empathy and understanding, it allows you to touch souls that others cannot reach. They can see the light within you and they are drawn to it. If you tend to that light it will grow, and it will change the world around you in ways that your peers could only dream of.

Of course, a fish cannot outgrown its pond. To grow further, you must seek your own truth in the world. I know that you are afraid to leave the family you have forged here, but through Anachiel their love can always reach you, no matter the distance.

Heading Dathros’ words, he decided to embark on a journey to find his destiny.


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