Aiden Hillside is a gnomish fighter from the borderland. Most of his life Aiden was know for his quiet, watchful behavior, always observing those around him. Many found this trait disturbing and as such Aiden found his youth difficult. It was not until Aiden began to train at Southern Cane Weapons School that he developed a knack for bashing weapons. After running low on funding, Aiden left the school and headed to Bend Point where the Order of The Dawn was actively recruiting.

Order of the Dawn

After joining the Order of the Dawn, Aiden was one of the first members to leave when told there would be no pay given out. However Lane Stills saw potential in Aiden and made him a squire, 1 of 2 paying positions. From here Aiden was not given much instruction and began to independently train.

After the capture and torture of the man who killed Smith, Aiden was given a lot of time to think. He came the conclusion that he had a real knack for getting the truth out of people. Afterwards, he spoke with Sir Stills about becoming an Inquisitor.


Aiden is small for a gnome. Despite this he is incredibly strong compared to most gnomes. He wears his hair short though its hard to tell as he regularly wears hats of all nature. He has very fine dark hair and blue eyes.

Death of the Inquisitor

Aiden died a tragic death during the Battle of Neriza. Aiden was left in charge of the order. It was going fine until he stumbled upon Lady Patricia attempting to drain souls from Chloe. It was then that Aiden was brutally murdered and his head was spiked on a stake along with much of Bendpoint.


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