The Orcish Horde
Session 5

Days past – 2

Last time on Barachiel’s chosen…

The party awoke to find their roguish friend was missing. After informing one another, the party went outside the Wirey Mast to find the owner of the Smith and Harp waiting to greet them and thanked them for the return of Spearamint. Shortly after, the team was greeted by one of the Wrieth House Guard .

The House guard led them to Lord Wrieth who was sparring with his son in the courtyard of Fort Wrieth. Lord Wrieth then explained to the party that he was aware of an oncoming Kobold conflict but that he was basically powerless to send any real troops to aid them due to red tape he was facing from the noble families in the region. Instead, Lord Wrieth proposed the party go to Jane’s plantation and fend off the incoming Kobold army with the help one of his captains. Of Lord Wrieth’s available captains, the party chose Alicia Droggle. Alicia is a soft spoken woman, until it comes to handling her troops.

Capt. Alicia then brought her soldiers to the Wirey Mast to introduce them to the party they’d be working for. When the party met them, her squad of soldiers consisted of 32 green skinned Orcish barbarians that Alicia had recruited from “the other side” while in O’niel.

What adventures await our heroes?
Can the Orcish barbarians be trusted?
Will the Kobold ever be stopped?
This and more next session…..

The Battle Of Jane's Plantation
Session 6

Days past – 8 days
This time on McE……

1 week,1 day until the battle
The Party began the night with a trip to the Smith and Harp to collect on there reward. Each party member choosing the girl of the liking and settling any bicking with a game of rock paper scissors. Each Girl and party member was pleasantly trilled with thier outcome except for Buttercup. She was paired off with Lane, the fearless paladin.

Lane Spent the night with Butter cup lecuring her on her ways and reciting verses from the Bible of Sabriel. It was not until She began to fall asleep and that’s Lane began to probe Buttercup about why she chose her profession. Buttercup explained she enjoyied her job and enjoyed performing more then anything. It was after this confession that Lane vowed to find a Noble house willing to take her as the court bard. The Firewells seemed the most likely canidates.

1 week until the battle
Alicia Droggle explained to the party that she planned on arriving around 2-3 days before the battle. With that in mind the party ready themselves up and began the journey westward to Jane’s Plantation. Before leaving Wrieth, the party encountered High Captain Mars coming into town. After a bit of talk, he explained he was in Wrieth to speak with Lord Wrieth about issues involing the nobles. The party then spent a bit of time training with Mars before heading out.

Along the road the party pasted through many fields and saw a huge portion of New Mino’s Bread Basket. However after coming into Jane’s farmlands they instantly noticed how much larger and more vibrant Jane’s Crops were.

At the plantation the party was greated by Jane. Immediately Trog became infatuated unable to look away from her devilish eyes. Jane then introduced her three daughters. Odette, Sammy, Janus. Despite their lack of family resemblance the three did seem related. Trog then went with Odette to board Eggbert. Once inside the Oddette began to throw herself at Trog, Meanwhile the rest of the party waited outside discussing battle plans and how four woman could run a farm this large on their own. It was about this time that the party rushed in on Trog and Odette before anything major could happen, leaving Trog blue.

The party continued to question the odd behavior of the family, from the lack of farmhands to the pristine condition of the living spaces and even the lack of answers the Ladies could provide. After a bit of questioning the family invited them to a nice Pork Feast. Only Trog and Dogface decided to go while the rest of the party strayed off investigating the farm. Things began to heat up between Trog and the females at dinner until Dogface joined them, once again leaving Trog blue.

That Night it was decided Trog and Dogface would stay inside, while Lane and Ezel Watched the home from the outside. In the middle of the night Ezel gave the warning signal, Once again making Trog Blue who had snuck into Odette’s room. after going down with him and dog face, Odette locked the doors. The party then went through the fields to chase a shadowy figure. Dogface stayed behind to stand watch.

Lane became was insistent on the creature being evil and continued his pursuit, following it with the party into the woodline. After doing so however the skys opened up and began to pour down. It was at this point that the party head pan pipes and could see Jane. She was staring upward at the sky with tendrils coming off her entire body dancing in the rain. Lane moved ever so slightly wrong causing his armor to rustle and starled her. There whats a blurr of hair as a saytr rushed by before Jane melded into a tree and the party headed back to Dogface. Only then did they realize she was a nymph and the “daughters” Pixies.

Day of the Battle,
A day Prior Captain. Droggle had arrived with her 30 men at arms. She explained that they’d lost 2 men after an encounter with bandits but not to worry. They went off to prepare the battle field laying down Barricades and oiling the fields.

The Battle itself was fierce. Capt. Droggle lost most of her men, as well Lane was almost slain having his armor sundered. In addition Trog’s faithful mount Eggbert passed. Thanks to the AoE spells of both Eliza and Dogface, The battle was won before the Kobold could claim anymore lives. When burring the dead 2 things became apparent to the party. 1) The kobold were member of the Order of the Claw. and 2) Capt. Droggle seemed to have an almost distaste for her Orcish Soldiers. On the ride back the party questioned her to find out that the orcs were prisoners of war. They converted to Mce soldiers after wiping out most of capt. Droggles original troops when she was stationed in O’neal.

Knights of the Dawn
After arriving back with the fresh bounty of the battle the party was met by Warren Stone. He rambled to them about Lord Wrieth wanting to knight. He explained that the main reason for their hasty Knight Ceremony was for political favor. It was an excuse for Lord Wrieth to meet with the Nobles that had been harassing him and find out who was behind the assassination attempts.

After Briefing Lord Wrieth, Capt. Droggle met with the party letting them know Lord Wrieth was waiting for them. Lord Wrieth was busy writing as they entered. He explained that the [[Order of the Claw}] Apeared to be the Kobolds strike force, Where as the Order of the Egg was their dragon hatchery. After a brief conversation on the mission Lord Wrieth Informed them they were to be Knighted that night and a grant party would be thrown in their honor. All they need do is give him the Name of their new order and He would send the plans for their Order’s keep to be raised. After much thought the party decided on The Knights of the Dawn, With the crest reflecting Eggbert in a rising sun.

That night the party was well met with Noble families from all across the lands as they were knighted.

What does the future hold for the Order of the Dawn…..?
Is one of the Noble families responsible for the assassination attempts on Lord Wrieth at the party…..?
And what important mission has the elven rouge been on to keep her from the battles at hand……?
All this and more in the next session of Barachiel’s Choosen….. Z!!!

Nobles. Assassinations, and Kobold
Session 7

The party had just been knighted by Lord Wrieth and were made to mingle. Each party member took a different noble family to speak with, none making much head way. It became apparent that the nobles, spare a few, wanted little to nothing to do with The Order of The Dawn.

  • O’neals were kind to the Knights.
  • Firewells came off as arogant and had nothing but bitter things to say about the party
  • Whitepiers were offended the the “poor country knights” were even talking with them.
  • Mctiers had an evil pressence about them. The Party Saw that they had undead features attached to them
  • Yellowgems were intimidated adn the party stayed away from them.

During the party after drinking wine, Lord Wrieth began to feel sick and fell over poisoned. After rounding everyone up the party managed to have Tabit scry the cup gaving a list of the races that last touch it.

Barachiel and the shark jaw vampires
Session 8

Time Past – 34

After escorting the Firewells back home Lane Stills explained to the party that he’d had a dream about Barachiel dieing and telling them to meet her on a mountain. Wasting no time at all , the order began their trek toward Mt Daye being sure to avoid Wrieth for fear of another mission.

Along the way the party encounter a set of gnomish assassins near Jane’s Plantation. Despite being quickly dispatched, the gnomes did come with some disurbing news. On the body of the slain assassin was a bounty sealed with a wax mark that was broken. Despite being broken Dogface wasable to make out that the seal was royal.

After a few days the knights passed by their guild house to find te construction coming along nicely. The party stopped in to drop off the Orb of the Firewell and to insure that any future recruits would be well taken care of. They spoke with Robert Whisk who explained he had been stationed at Bend Point along with gnomish cavalry to oversee the construction of the keep and to collect taxes on the White River. After giving him a few instructions they continued to the mountain.

At the base of Mount Daye, the party encountered a Kobold tracker that offered up her services and was quickly welcomed into the group. Within no time the party located a finely masoned entrance into the mountain. The entrance led to a long stone stairwell that guided the party up and around for a few hours before they were greeted by a pale woman standing in the middle of the well.

Without muchwarning the woman demanded the party to leave. When they refused she Summoned forth a group of dire wolves to attack them and then vanished backward into the mists of the cavern. After defeating the wolves they continued pushing forward until the party once again encountered the woman. This time she attacked, revealing sharp fangs and summoning more swarms. After a tough fight the party defeated the woman and continued though the mountain. Once more the party was stopped by more Vampires, This time a group of 6. After exchanges over the death of their convent mate the too attacked. The battle was leaning away from the Order of The DawnUntil a small black ball of light hovered in and begun to scorch the Vampires.

The Party followed the ball with in ashing vampires along the way until they came to a large masterful door that it unlocked. Inside they were greeted by a woman with a huge Mechanical arm who introduced herself as Mother Rebekah. She then led the party back to a gathering of the black lights that surrounded a withered Angel that looked to be little more then a corpse. Mother Rebekah Introduced her as Barchiel, The angel of the Black.

Speaking through Mother Rebekah, Barchiel explained that she had been shielding the last of humanity from the evils outside the ccontinent. She also explained that she could not keep it up and thus called out for several champions. As of now only the Order of The Dawn responded to her plea. In doing so she had weaked this bubble even more. She asked that the order go about awakening her other brothers and sisters that remained. The only one of which she knew about was Anachiel, the Angel of the Red that had inclosed herself in a tower that boils the seas to the west.

In addition Barchiel asked that the party help to quam the conflict inside the content so that humanity would not wipe itself out and that they eventually venture outside the Veil and stop the evil at it’s roots by defeating the Evil One. With those parting words Barchiel granted them one of her Archons and sent the Order of the dawn along thier way. It was at this point that the Kobold tracker had heard enough and left the group wanting no part in this upcoming conflict.

New Recruits and Dead Nobles
Session 9

Days past -6

The sission began with the Order of The Dawn returning to thier completed Guild house to be reuntied with Natalia. Once there they were assigned rooms and met with 6 recruits wanting to join the Orders ranks and thier new house Mage.
Amoung the recruits
1 William Lightfoot
2 Chloe – Chloe as she “chose to be called that day.” Deminstrated a strong gift with Magic but when her mind was read it sounded like a crowded tavern.

After a good rest within the guild halls the party was met by Macarnold Of the harvest guard. He came in angerly as he had been looking for them for a week. MacArnold deliever the party a letter stating they needed to return immediately and that things had taken a turn for the worst.

Without farther notice the order picked up and began the ride south to Wrieth. Along the way Natalie and Dogface spotted a merchants wagon traveling at 2 am in a rush. The two flagged the wagon down and went to look inside. Once there they were met by a man with a fake accent that was transporting large amounts of goods north to O’niel. After a bit of conversation they let him go and natalie followed closly. After a while the man went off the beaten path and was “ambushed by Kobold”. It was apparent that he was working with the beasts as he put up no resistance and was led to back to the river tied up to be left for wanders to rescue on the road. When confronted by the order the man played dumb and then swallowed an acid capsol after he was found out.

With this new information the party continued on to Wrieth to find it in a state of military lock down. With Soldier’s everywhere, many shops closed down, and worst of all Lord Wrieth petrified. His Son Sir Wrieth took the throne as acting ruler and asked the party to investigate the kobold robberies. According to him there were 5 other reports from the Harvest Guard of this exact thing happening. With those words the order of the dawn packed thier things and headed toward the site of the kobold robberies.

Who assassinated Dean?
Is there a Secret Kobold Base in this Region?
Was Natalie really a escort at the Smith and Harp?

All these questions answered and more on the next exciting adventure of Barchiel’s Choosen…!!!!

Wormholes and Squires!
Session 10

Days past – 5

The session began with the order preparing to head out of town toward the kobold threat.

While the Rest of the party geared up. While the other party member’s got ready, the Order’s Guild mage,Alandra, Read the minds of those close to Dean and Lady Natalia scouted Fort Wrieth. While scouting, she found a hidden drawer that had been sealed, located Lord Wrieth‘s Bedroom. The room he was assisinated in. Prying the drawer open, A dimesion door was found leading to a wine casket in the Wirey Mast. After investigation by Tabit it was determined that the O’neal’s house Mage had cast on of the Dimesional Doors. It was also uncovered that both the drawer and barrel were make and had the spell cast with perminacy before leaving O’neal.

With the knew found knowledge the party headed back to Bend Point to s check on thier guild house and rest for the night. On arrival they found the guild house was full of unruley folks and there was no organization to the chaos. Eventually Dogface and Sir Lane set the lot straight with Trog Coming up with a Solution for thier Multiple personality Magic recruit. Finally Lane Squired 3 of the recruits, Making the rest that stayed initiates.

Afterwards the order continued north. After making camp the party was assualted with fireballs, finding themselves face to face with the vampire they had missed killing at Mt Daye. After Almost getting wiped out the vampire vanished and dawn broke.

The Kobold City: Nezira
Session 11

Days past – 2

The party continued pushing forward toward the kobold strong hold not entirely sure where thier travels would take them. With rough weather the party camped out waiting on the heavy storm to pass when suddenly they spotted a familiar wagon moving down the road. With much they stopped the wagon to find the man who had been traveling up and down the road last time. The only different is this time he was equipted with mind resisting items.

The party searched all through his wagon, But ultimately found nothing of note aside from food, furs, and other common items. Feeling they had no reason to continue holding the merchant in the rain, the Order of The Dawn released him, choosing to instead follow closely behind. After awhile the Natalie, Scouting ahead noticed the man making strange preperations. He made an alter and dropped his goods in a similar fashion to that of the faith of the red, however he did not burn the dropped goods.

After investigating the scene, the party noticed a few kobold and chase the lot back to an opening leading them into a full blown Kobold city with one large kobold giving orders. The Party vigorously attacked him, ultimately revealing that he himself was a Snowclone. After a series of charge lead, Azel was thrown from the mount the party was fighting on and drug off by Kobold. She found herself awakening in a room filled with books and experiments, greeted by an old kobold. The kobold refered to himself as The Egg Shaper and had healed her wounds. He lead her out explaining that his time in Nezira was done and it was really of no interest to him anymore. Raising his cane into the air.

Moving into the catacombs of Nezira, The party located the labritory and found where the eggshaper had been experimenting with many eggs, creating mutant Kobold. They found several of his experiments, most notables a crystalized fetish in a jar, and a black wings fetish in a jar.

Continuing through the party located a room Marked off with draconic writing stating do not enter. Inside there were dead kobold litered along stone spike, with an earth elemental lurking around the corner. After a deadly fight, the party located a Large Magic bottle. After opening the bottle a beautiful woman appeared with light purple skin and gem stone hair. She wore seductive female styled armor that offer no true protection and left little to the imagination….

Who is this mysterious woman?
Will she grant the party 3 wishes?
Are the Kobold all that bad?
All this and more in the next seesion!

Session 12

Time Past – 3 days

Looking down at the Order of The Dawn, the Genie looked confused and lost. While talking with her they discovers that she was a goddess by the name of Khalia. Khalia also explained she’d been imprisoned by the Desert Elves with the Red Eyes, 2,000 years prior. While Khalia could provide little information about what was currently going on in the mortal plane, she did hit at having a role in building the most powerful Weapon ever made, Frenzied. Khalia also revealed that since the party released her, She owed them a debt that they might call for at a later time.

Afterwards, the party continued onward coming to the Kobold’s stables which housed thier Dire weasel Mounts. The scene cause a bit of a moral delima that quickly would spin into all out party conflict as half of the wanted to kill the mounts, Others Sugguested that the mounts had done no wrong and were tools, while finally a third party avocated releasing the weasels back to the wilds. Ultimately the order decided to leave the weasels and continue heading farther into Nezira to be confonted by 4 kolbold on a high ledge.

Alandra vanished and then mimiced the Kobold’s vioce to convince them to lower a rope. Upon climbing it the rope, Lane Stills and Trog rushed in to grab the rope, preventing the Kobold from pulling it up. The kobold the cut the rope and began to yelling as Dogface Magic Missled one killing it right out. They Screamed in confusion as “The humans had sent an embassador.” As the third Kobold began to explain his confusion over the party’s attack and killing of thier men, Dogface killed him with another magic missle, causing the other Kobold to cower. Naturally this Cause a massive conflict in the order that was primarly discussed between Dogface and Lane. The two could not agree on when it was ok to kill a Kobold and if they should be trusted. Lane’s main concern was disgression, wanting to play each situation by ear. Dogface on the other hand wanted a clear set of boundries on what was ok and what was not to stop this conflict in the future. The two clammered back and forth when over head a member of the order finally noticed that Ryltik had been watching then the whole time.

He greeted them with no agressions, instead only offering a rant and proclaiming that the Kobold of the Order of the Claw are innocents. He then mentioned that the only agressor was his brother, Glintooth. Ryltik then admitted he had attacked but only because the Gnomes knew of a sacred location at Bend Point and deliberately build a fortress over it. He also justified The Order of the Egg stating that all thier actions have been in defense, and that the attack on Jane’s Plantation was due to Jane being a witch who has forsaken thier lands and stopped thier cropps from growth, killing thier live stock. It was at this point much of the party bickering had quieted down with Dogface still entagizing the Kobold he offered them safe passage to his keep in Nezira and invited them to me Jason Firewell.

After meeting with Jason, accusations flew wild. Lane Opening accused Jason of trying to occestrate a civil war, while other threw out concerns over Wrieth. It was a mess of Argueing fighting and disagreement until finally Jason pulled out his Royal decree from King Lavion. It said the Firewells were free to do trade with/ provide aid to Kobold of the Claw. Alandra however was able to tell the signature was a fake, though Jason seemed to believe it was real, full heartly.

Decided that there was nothing more they could do, the order left Nezira Alandra went back to the guild house and to Wrieth to inform them of thier situation, while the rest of the party pushed on to O’neal.


Once in Wrieth, Alandra explained the situation to Sir Wrieth and learned the government was calling him in to represent his family in a case against removing thier Nobility.

Afterwards, Alandra headed to the Order’s keep to check on the recruits. While there she met another of Chloe’s personalites, Sally. Sir Rivercrest and Sir Meywood were both at the keep as they were no longer needed in Wrieth. The two had been running the recruits through drills, and really stepped the squires/iniates into shape. She was also given an enchanted letter to give to Lane

Order of the Dawn

Along thier way to O’Neal Azel noticed some unusal tracks. When pointing them out to the party, it was identified as a gang of undead moving in a solid direction. After following the tracks to the Village of Eaglerock, the order found a scene of slaughter as all of the village had been massacred. The order went around one by one making sure none of the villagers would rise again when they encountered the undead causing this villianous act. After defeating the creatures, Azel and Dogface noticed a shadowy man wearing McTire crests shadow stepping away from the village. With the threat defeated the party gathered the corpses, fired them and Lane gave them thier last rights.

The Next day the party arrived in O’neal where they met up with Alandra who had gotten then super fast but was exhausted. There Alandra explained everything that had been going on and Lane read the letter. It notes the Mctires would arrive at thier fort in 2 days. They searched around the town a bit gathering information before finally Sarloth was revealed as the O’neal house mage. He was easy to find and even provided them with the answers they were looking for. He told them that he made the door at Fred’s request and then Fred was insistant on it being a petrification that he was hit with. Sarloth then teleported them back to thier guild house wishing them good luck.

Once at the guild house it was time to talk. Lane and Dogface once again began going Toe to Toe, Debating the points and rules for killing Kobold. This went on for hours and ultimately led to Dogface Sugguesting Trog should speak for the Order from now on, Effectively asking Lane to Step Down. Trog being quiet as normal protested being made guild leader stating he didn’t want it, and kept on doing his thing. Regardless Dogface and a few other Other members maintianed trog should speak more, as when he does speak its all very sound charismatic and thought out. While all this was going on Alandra and Trog found themselves trying to get to know “Chloe” and met two more of her personalities. Mary Sue, and Maiko.

Finally after a long night of argueing the party awoke and readied themselves. Dogface got to speaking with Sir Rivercrst and Sir Meywood trained a bit, while Trog spent the day in the stables, Lane Prayed for a large part and handled guild finaces, Alandra Helped Prepare a feast and Alandra spent the day with “Chloe”. Eventually the Mctires arrived and took part in the feast. They explained they were at the beck and call of the Order of the dawn as they were servantss of Barchiel. As matters of assistance were being discussed, the party was fascinated by the most resounding music as the doors were kicked in and Jason O’neal along with his brother Sean O’neal Busted through the doors stating. " You didn’t think you’d have a meeting with the nobles of O’neal without us did you ? "

End sessions.

The Crown of the Dragon Queen!
Session 13!

3 days

After his dramatic entrance Jason O’neal walked over to the head of the table with Sean O’neal behind him. Before the party had much of a chance to talk Jason started explaining the situations with the nations politics in a indirect way to the Order of The Dawn. Jason expressed a need for the order to stay out of these matters and warned they were only pushing forward the growing tensions. He also denied the existance of Sarloth the house mage of O’neal. After a few harsh words toward Dogface ( " Interupt me again and I’ll cut your tongue out Orc!"…. “WE? You dare compare You filth to that of the Nobles, lowly Knight” ) Jason and Sean Left. As did the McTiers.


At this point the Order found themselves lost. Sir Stills left the knights to handle a bit of paperwork upstairs. From there he was able to increase the effectacy of the tax rgulations of the river by 12% as well as ensure the order could hire a few workers around the fortress. While this was going on Alandra began to talk with Chloe. Eventually however Chloe had a break down and was chased to a back room where scream lay screaming and crying. Trog and Lane and dogface joined to comfort her. Once alone she changed once again into a little girl named Danielle and ended up playing jacks with Lane and Dogface. Afterwards Alandra took her to the river to talk and skip stones.

It was around this point that Sir Rivercrest came up to talk with Dogface about stationing His and Sir Meywood‘s men at the Order of the dawn HQ. The order accepted. It was about this time the party was out of options so they laid out all thier loose ends so far. They came to the conclusion that Lord Wrieth while intensional or not was being used as a pawn to escollate a war. Thus the O’neals Petrified him, so he would not die but be taken out of the picture for now.

Kobold Artifact

The PArty relized that the Kobold wanted something burried beneath the fortress and thus Sir Trog began to dig. He recruited Quinn to help who had previously been running laps for 2 hours as commanded by Sir Stills. While the two of them did so, Dogface decented the guilds well and found a hideen laction that led him to a box with a circlet. Naturally he brought the Circlet to thier housemage to Identify it. Alndra has been in her Lab, working to Identify Chloe’s issue but needed more time. Dogface, Lane, and Alandra decided to test it on Alandra instead of Quin. Upon equiping the Crown, Alandra Sprouted several Chromatic heads and began to speak from each of them. It was like her breain was on fire with thought and everything was so clear. Lane could sense a great evil from her adn warned of the conciequences of such an artifact. Dogface became very uneasy. Refusing to allow Alandra fix her research using the circlet, Dogface demand the artifact. When Alandra refused, stating she would remove the Item once her research complete in an hour and never wear it again, Dogface cast Daze on both herself and Lane. He then snatched the circlet and ran out yelling to Quin for a horse. At this time Alandra messaged him telling him to stop and in the confusion, Quin was nearly killed.

After Math

Charlie took off for Wrieth using Natalia’s hat of disguise to constantly change his appearance. Alandra Too polymorphed wildly resulting in a magical game of cat an mouse. Eventually Alandra took off for the Mage’s Guild to request help from her contacts in locating Dogface. While this was happening, Dogface Contacted Tabit Requesting a scroll of teleportation. Tabit sold him the scroll and dogface was off to Jerrico Cave. Once there Dogface stashed the item and rode back. Taking 2 days.

While in Lavion Alandra witnessed a massive protest outside of a construction site, After speaking with one of the protesters she found out it was a church of Khalia. The Same genie freed by the order 5 days prior roughly. With that distraction aside, Alandra Spoke with her contact and Found Dogface riding back to the order without the circlet. Sighing Alandra requested a teleport back and left. Before departing she delivered her report and the Mage guild noted the release of the genie, though Alandra left quite a bit out to protect the order. Regardless the Guild informed her they’d be watching.

At the Guild House

Back at Bend Point Sir Stills and Sir Trog handled settling in the new soldiers and getting things in order. Lane especially paid attention to Quinn, lecturing him for 5 hours on the Celestrial Pantheon. He then told Quin to stay awake an addition 3 hours praying. Tomarrow the boy was to come to Trog and inform him of his choice. Quin chose Anachiel.

Money is King

Tabit is a man of business. When a regular that is an adventurer comes to him in rush, he watches thier destination. When that same regular drops a powerful artifact, Tabit is reminded why he watches people.

The Death Of Smith
Session 14

2 Days

After the chaos of the fight between Dogface and Alanda the party was finally calming down when they recieved the message from Tabit. He offered them the Circlet back for the simple cost of the Order of The Dawn’s fortress. Naturally Dogface was suprised. After a bit of fighting and telling Tabit no, one of Sir Rivercrest’s men noticed a wagon chasing down a man and pumping him full of arrows. The man exscaped just enough to get into the Orders fortress when it was revealed that this was Berry , from the Smith and Harp. The knight all rushed out, catching the wagon driver and bringing him under OoD arrest.
The driver was obvious high on black serum. After burrying Smith the party sent Sir Rivercrest to the dungeon to “extract” information with the help of Dogface and Alandra. Meanwhile Aiden watched with great pleasure, making note the techniques.


The driver gave out a bit of valueable information about both Wrieth being overrun and the NPS. The party then rushed to Wrieth to find the town in Shambles. A friend of Spearamint greeted them, Telling them Black Serum was easily avaiable and that a gang had taken control of Wrieth. Heading to the Smith and Harp, Azel and Alandra entered the perimenter, pretending to be looking ofr a fun time. While in the Bar they were noticed by a thuggish man who showed them the whole operation. The two drug him off to “have some fun” to the woods where he was ambushed by the Order who was waiting for them. After some interegation, They were given more information about the Black Serum House. No sooner could the party gather thier things when they found themselves surrounded by Wolves with a familiar Vampire waiting in the distance.


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