The Town of Bend Point
Session 19

Days passed: 5

As the party returned to their guild hall, they noticed that Bend Point had a ton of construction going on. They met up with the survives of Platypus’s attack and found that William Lightfoot had been standing in as guildmaster until Sir Stills returned. He granted Permission to Thomas Thicketts to build a general store on the guilds land in return for the merchants working the rivers.

In addition to these changes, there were two new guild mates awaiting the guild. Lucky the Gladiator and Stewart the Ranger. Lane’s first order of business was to send Gums off to find the order a herald, After that Dogface and Lane sent Lucky North to by lumber and Stewart South to get a carpenter/recruit folks to the new city. While this was going on, Veronica informed the guild that she was to no longer be a a member of the order but rather an appentice under Alandra.

The NExt Morning the Order was met by a young girl who requested help. She stated that she was from a near by farm and that requested help Slaying a Hill giant that had been destroying her families crops. There was also a messanger from the Fireseeds, he requested help with the restorations to the town of Muddy Creek. The Order decided to go to the Farm first and slayed the Giant and Weeping Cavern. Afterwards the Party left for Muddy creek where they eventually came upon a hidden temple. Once inside the party began getting attacked by undead and elemental, After getting to a room with Water Elementals, Content Not Found: trog-b-sebane was badly wounded and the group of adventurers was forced to rest…

What creature await the party! Will Bendpoint Flourish…. What happen to Platypus’s Corpse!!!! All that and more next time.

Safry Verus Maelriel
Session 18

Days passed: 3

The Session began with the Order heading west to see the Ciatore. After a day of camping, Alanda decieded to take Natalia exploring while she hunted. Out in the wild the two found a herd of Bison, Alandra swooped down grabbing on of the large beast and brought it to the camp site.

The Party feasted before Alandra devoured the rest of the beast. Seeing this beast excitied Content Not Found: trog-b-sebane as he was in need of a new mount, he begged Alandra to take him back to the heard. Once at the herd of Bison, Trog steathed up to the largest one he could find and mounted it. It fought with the gnome fiercely by was ultimately tamed, joining Trog on his quest. Alandra offered to ride back with Trog he however insisted she go aheard.

On the ride back Trog was attacked and almost robbed by Feyborne druids. Ultimately they offered to negotionate enchantments for the price of metal objects the Gnome had on him. He agreed gaining several new enchantments. Before long the rest of the party located the mount and entered making trades. Sir Lane was kicked out of the Feyborne’s burrow after giving them a longsword for free and then trying to take it back. Dogface got incredibly upset feeling as though the Feyborne were ripping them off before eventually leaving.

The Party continued after a short nap toward the Ciatore city, once there they were Warmly greated by the artistic race that took kindly to them. In a matter of no time they were brought to the Sleeping god, Safry. Once there the party was told of a great battle between both Safry and Maelriel that ended with Maelriel being eaten and vowing to kill Safry from the inside. Sir Still was displeased and drew his weapon preparing to cut Maelriel out when Divine wisdom changed his mind. After speaking with both sides a truce was reached. In a year, Maelriel would return to finish the fight, to get him coughed up Safry request Khalia, Though did not agree on a favor. Khalia was summon at thier favor was used, Have sex with Safry they asked her. It was then that Natalia spoke. " Doesn’t that mean you owe us a favor Safry" With a look of rage Safry knew he’d been beat…. " NEver Have sex with Khalia the order requested. With rage in his voice the Genie agreed and vanished, to be forever chased by Khalia.

Maelriel Nodded to the party and spoke, It was strange though to them that he could speak with them directly unlike Anachiel and Barachiel. Sit Lane explained that this had to do with the Quire inwhich the Dieties belonged to and he agreed. Without farther a do, Maelriel transported the party to Wrieth. Once there they rushed to speak with Lord Wrieth only to find out that thier guild was doing well and that a suprised awaited them when they got home. At this time Sir Trog decided that it was time to explain to him that they’d been on a mythic quest for Barachiel. Lord Wrieth could not take this all in and requested that the party leave stating he’d need to reconsider thier knighthood and sent them on thier way.

Session 17

Time past: 2 days

The Session began with the Angel Anachiel swearing to head to Mt Daye to join Barchiel in preserving the bubble. After a few short goodbye’s to Quinn the party headed north as advised by Anachiel, Quinn to the east. Quinn only looked back for a moment to see Natalia, who smile and winked at the Paragon.

The first day’s going was rough and the party soon found out that they were short on food. Azel was able to rustle up a bit of rough tubers that were filling but not good. The next morning Alandra and Natalia headed out to scout ahead with her in dragon form. The two came across a Ciatore eating one of the Oniglio. Alandra roared, scaring the Ciatore off before grabbing the Oniglio and bringing it back to camp. The rest of the Order of The Dawn refused to eat a sentient creature leaving the whole thing to Alandra who happily consumed the Rabbit.

The next day the party located a small mill where a Oniglio came out and spoke with them in Gnomish. Naturally it upset dogface that he only had Sir Stills to talk with but the party moved right along. They learned that the Oniglio worshiped Maelriel and viewed him as a large wingged rabbit with blue fur. They also learned of a church to him in town and headed down to see it. The church itself with a Casino which the high priest claimed the angel was not real. Not giving up the party asked around and found that the Ciatore may know more and that there was a city of them to the east. and so the party left Cena in search of the Ciatore.

The Blood Child Rises
Session 16

7 days
h3. Esembling the Troops

Sir Dogface pointed out to the order that the Kobold they were after, Glintooth, had taken of Nezira and likely rised an army to do so. As such the order agreed that it was time they gathered thier own military strength, thinking it would help unify the bounds of the nobles as well. Going to Alandra, she contacted the Mage’s Guild who happily put the members through.

Sir Rivercrest

Sir Rivercrest was the first of the leaders the dawn approached, While rivercrest had no men at his disposal, he gladly joined the fight.

Sir Meywood

Sir Meywood was quick to join the fight.With Little to no convincing from Dogface Metwood offered up his men, however he wanted to leave a battalion of them behind. The party excepted these therms and left Robert Whisk behind to defend the homefront.

Elite Footsoldiers: 65

The Harvest Guard

The First group of soldiers the Dawn contacted was Sir Macarnold‘s Harvest Guard. Naturally Sir Macarnold was hesitatant about coming to the guild’s house without any reason given. “Tell your leader if he’s wasting my time, I’m gunna Skull F*** him”. Eventually After Showing up however, MacArnold was all on board.

Elited Light Cavalry: 30

Gnomish Order of the Shield

Content Not Found: trog-b-sebane Contacted the Gnomish nation and requested his fellow Shield member to join him in a battle against thier mortal enemy, the Kobold. They exstaticly accepted.

Heavily Cavalry: 50

The Mctiers

Next on the list of contacts were the McTiers. When asked to send what they could spare, the Mctiers sent out thier entire guard forces as well as went out to actively recruit more soldiers to the fight.

Footmen: 2000

The O’neals

Like the McTiers, When the order contacted the O’neals the estaticly joined the fight. Jason also expressed congratuations on the parties resolution to a civil war.

30 green Knights


The party was unsure about contacting Tonya Fireseed. They’d never met her but as a nieghboring noble, she was welcomed. Tonya agreed to join thier fight but there was a price, after negotionations were made Tonya joined thier army. The terms: Lane Stills is to grant her one, Non-Evil, Legal, non-religous favor of her choice at a unspecifided point in the future. Or die from the death contact.

Elite Arcane Archers: 30


After all was said and done, the party contacted Lord Firewell and informed him of thier unified team to attack the Kobold. He was happy that the party had not mentioned that this was to avenge his son and sent the firewell family hierloom “HieB” a sword of devasting heat.

Missionaries of Khalia

While waiting for various members of the unified force to arrive, Two missionaries of Khalia Arrived. The two were dress in extravagant flowing light purple, gemmed clothing. They asked for a place to rest and were granted it by Sir Stills. However the situation got tense we Sir Dogface bartered with them for a set of siege weapons, as crafts men they knew of someone able to craft such weapons. All the two wanted in return was to build a small shrine to Khalia so that other pilgrims on thier way to The Jewel of the Gods may stop and praise. Naturally Sir Lane was opposed to this but eventually gave into logic…. begrudgingly.

The Roost

The Order noticed that there was an unused tower within thier keep, that was set up for messanger Falcons. So after finishing her massive naturalistic village to house the troops outside the fortress, Azel too off in search of larges birds of prey. She was able to find 1 male with 3 females that all required a high place and lots of prey to come with her. She gave them both.

The calm Before War

During the days while the Order awaited Dogface drank with Lady Patricia, Tonya Fireseed, Macarnold, and Jason O’neal. Discussing the days plans and general what nots. Patricia expressed to Dogface that she enjoyed him and that the others do not give him enough credited. She also expressed her great distaste in Tonya and MacArnold over the course of several days.

The day before the battle The Knights gathered each leader to form thier battle stategies. The basic plan was that thet order of the Dawn would rush into the throne room to attack Glintooth directly while the armies outside fought and killed the Kobold. It was at this time that The Egg Shaper was brought into the room in handcuffs.

The Egg Shaper, as always was both respectful and calm. He quickly offered up all the information he could. After wards when questioned why he’d give all this up willingingly he expressed a sarrow towards his creations. As he put it in return for his release, he would see thier destruction, repenting for this creation in the first place.

The Battle

Once the plans were in place the Order of the Dawn marched with the army to the outskirts of Nezira, waiting. The plan was for the Order to teleport in, defeat the Kobold Leader and then send out the message to the army before joining the fight outside. The Order teleported in and faced off against Glintooth and Rylitik. After Dispatching the two and Recovering the crown, the party attempted to teleport out. Dogface however made an error when casting the scroll, Throwing the Order outside, After the Battle.

Victory and the parties to come

After aiding in the cleaning of the battlefield, the party was greeted by a unpetrified Lord Wrieth. He led them down back to Wrieth for a massive party in thier honor. It was a glorious time with all the Nobles being kind, Drinking, and merriment. Afterwards there was a reward ceremony inwhich the Party was given medals and the land inwhich they own was expanded.

A Paragon Rises

The ride back to Bend point was a relaxed walk in the park with many members still feeling the effects from the festivies of the previous night. When closer to the guild house, the party noticed something horrific, the Castle was burning. In a panic they rushed towards the Keep to find Lady Patricia sitting a top a pile of corspes, smiling, Around her they could clearing see Quin and Roberts corpses, as well Aiden’s dismember head sat a top a spike. Before anyquestiosn could be asked, Dogface Launched a Fireball at Patricia, who’s armor Absorbed the damages instantly. She laughed removing a contact to reveal a large B burned into her Iris. “Who the Fuck do you think my dad is” She yelled drawing her weapons and charging. She mocked the Order as she cut them down one by one. Making an exscape route, Dogface attempted to escape but was sliced in half leaving Trog as the only one to make it outside of the order’s walls.

Looking back, Trog Saw Quins Corpse’s Burst into flames as Patricia was too distracted hacking up corpses. Within secounds Quin’s Body roses and drew the blade HieB from dogface’s body and plungged it through Patricia’s Chest. From there, there was a massive explosion.

The Party Awoke to find themselves standing Face to Face with Anachiel.

R.I.P Jason FireWell
Session 15

Days 4

The Order of The Dawn quickly dispatched the Vampire’s wolves and were then in a tricky situation when Content Not Found: trog-b-sebane Fell under the vampire’s control. As always with this Vampire, His attacks were a hit and run with him leaving.

After the conflict, the party was rejoined by Natalia and discussed their plans for raiding the Black Serum House. There were very strong opinions from both Alandra and Trog though the party eventually decided that Natalia would sneak into the house using the hat of disguise and recon, posing as a druggie. After entering she was greated bby Gums. He explained that the house had been raided by none other then The Red Knight.

Gums followed the party explaining he wanted to stay with them and that he would cook and clean. While the party was hesitant at first they eventually agreed and Rushed how to Bend Point. Once there they were greeted by Lady Patricia, She informed them of the training she’d been giving Quinn and that Lord Firewell was waiting for them in thier main hall. Inside the Hall the party met a very depress Lord, wanting the party’s help. He explained he know something was up with jason, but that he had no clue of the scale and that Jason Firewell was dead, un-resurrectable and gone after a deal with the Order of the Egg went poorly.

After agreeing to help him stop the Kobold, the party hung out around thier fortress speaking with thier guild mates. Aiden approached the party about his choice to become an inquisitor, stating his knack for torture as the motivation. It was also brought out that Lady Patricia had removed at least ten of Chloe’s souls, The party made her stop and explained that Chloe was a friend. Lady Patricia also mentioned the banishing of Peter, the guild’s tie to Barchiel, She stated that it concerned her as it was a messanger from an evil god. Bit’s of the parties true motivation were then explained to her. The night ended with the Order gearing up for war, Dogface taking Patricia for drinks, and Alandra hiding Chloe, and lastly Natalia relizing that Quinn only joined the knighthood to get closer with her…. and Sir Trog Burn sauving his very very burnt, hairless Llamah.

The Death Of Smith
Session 14

2 Days

After the chaos of the fight between Dogface and Alanda the party was finally calming down when they recieved the message from Tabit. He offered them the Circlet back for the simple cost of the Order of The Dawn’s fortress. Naturally Dogface was suprised. After a bit of fighting and telling Tabit no, one of Sir Rivercrest’s men noticed a wagon chasing down a man and pumping him full of arrows. The man exscaped just enough to get into the Orders fortress when it was revealed that this was Berry , from the Smith and Harp. The knight all rushed out, catching the wagon driver and bringing him under OoD arrest.
The driver was obvious high on black serum. After burrying Smith the party sent Sir Rivercrest to the dungeon to “extract” information with the help of Dogface and Alandra. Meanwhile Aiden watched with great pleasure, making note the techniques.


The driver gave out a bit of valueable information about both Wrieth being overrun and the NPS. The party then rushed to Wrieth to find the town in Shambles. A friend of Spearamint greeted them, Telling them Black Serum was easily avaiable and that a gang had taken control of Wrieth. Heading to the Smith and Harp, Azel and Alandra entered the perimenter, pretending to be looking ofr a fun time. While in the Bar they were noticed by a thuggish man who showed them the whole operation. The two drug him off to “have some fun” to the woods where he was ambushed by the Order who was waiting for them. After some interegation, They were given more information about the Black Serum House. No sooner could the party gather thier things when they found themselves surrounded by Wolves with a familiar Vampire waiting in the distance.

The Crown of the Dragon Queen!
Session 13!

3 days

After his dramatic entrance Jason O’neal walked over to the head of the table with Sean O’neal behind him. Before the party had much of a chance to talk Jason started explaining the situations with the nations politics in a indirect way to the Order of The Dawn. Jason expressed a need for the order to stay out of these matters and warned they were only pushing forward the growing tensions. He also denied the existance of Sarloth the house mage of O’neal. After a few harsh words toward Dogface ( " Interupt me again and I’ll cut your tongue out Orc!"…. “WE? You dare compare You filth to that of the Nobles, lowly Knight” ) Jason and Sean Left. As did the McTiers.


At this point the Order found themselves lost. Sir Stills left the knights to handle a bit of paperwork upstairs. From there he was able to increase the effectacy of the tax rgulations of the river by 12% as well as ensure the order could hire a few workers around the fortress. While this was going on Alandra began to talk with Chloe. Eventually however Chloe had a break down and was chased to a back room where scream lay screaming and crying. Trog and Lane and dogface joined to comfort her. Once alone she changed once again into a little girl named Danielle and ended up playing jacks with Lane and Dogface. Afterwards Alandra took her to the river to talk and skip stones.

It was around this point that Sir Rivercrest came up to talk with Dogface about stationing His and Sir Meywood‘s men at the Order of the dawn HQ. The order accepted. It was about this time the party was out of options so they laid out all thier loose ends so far. They came to the conclusion that Lord Wrieth while intensional or not was being used as a pawn to escollate a war. Thus the O’neals Petrified him, so he would not die but be taken out of the picture for now.

Kobold Artifact

The PArty relized that the Kobold wanted something burried beneath the fortress and thus Sir Trog began to dig. He recruited Quinn to help who had previously been running laps for 2 hours as commanded by Sir Stills. While the two of them did so, Dogface decented the guilds well and found a hideen laction that led him to a box with a circlet. Naturally he brought the Circlet to thier housemage to Identify it. Alndra has been in her Lab, working to Identify Chloe’s issue but needed more time. Dogface, Lane, and Alandra decided to test it on Alandra instead of Quin. Upon equiping the Crown, Alandra Sprouted several Chromatic heads and began to speak from each of them. It was like her breain was on fire with thought and everything was so clear. Lane could sense a great evil from her adn warned of the conciequences of such an artifact. Dogface became very uneasy. Refusing to allow Alandra fix her research using the circlet, Dogface demand the artifact. When Alandra refused, stating she would remove the Item once her research complete in an hour and never wear it again, Dogface cast Daze on both herself and Lane. He then snatched the circlet and ran out yelling to Quin for a horse. At this time Alandra messaged him telling him to stop and in the confusion, Quin was nearly killed.

After Math

Charlie took off for Wrieth using Natalia’s hat of disguise to constantly change his appearance. Alandra Too polymorphed wildly resulting in a magical game of cat an mouse. Eventually Alandra took off for the Mage’s Guild to request help from her contacts in locating Dogface. While this was happening, Dogface Contacted Tabit Requesting a scroll of teleportation. Tabit sold him the scroll and dogface was off to Jerrico Cave. Once there Dogface stashed the item and rode back. Taking 2 days.

While in Lavion Alandra witnessed a massive protest outside of a construction site, After speaking with one of the protesters she found out it was a church of Khalia. The Same genie freed by the order 5 days prior roughly. With that distraction aside, Alandra Spoke with her contact and Found Dogface riding back to the order without the circlet. Sighing Alandra requested a teleport back and left. Before departing she delivered her report and the Mage guild noted the release of the genie, though Alandra left quite a bit out to protect the order. Regardless the Guild informed her they’d be watching.

At the Guild House

Back at Bend Point Sir Stills and Sir Trog handled settling in the new soldiers and getting things in order. Lane especially paid attention to Quinn, lecturing him for 5 hours on the Celestrial Pantheon. He then told Quin to stay awake an addition 3 hours praying. Tomarrow the boy was to come to Trog and inform him of his choice. Quin chose Anachiel.

Money is King

Tabit is a man of business. When a regular that is an adventurer comes to him in rush, he watches thier destination. When that same regular drops a powerful artifact, Tabit is reminded why he watches people.

Session 12

Time Past – 3 days

Looking down at the Order of The Dawn, the Genie looked confused and lost. While talking with her they discovers that she was a goddess by the name of Khalia. Khalia also explained she’d been imprisoned by the Desert Elves with the Red Eyes, 2,000 years prior. While Khalia could provide little information about what was currently going on in the mortal plane, she did hit at having a role in building the most powerful Weapon ever made, Frenzied. Khalia also revealed that since the party released her, She owed them a debt that they might call for at a later time.

Afterwards, the party continued onward coming to the Kobold’s stables which housed thier Dire weasel Mounts. The scene cause a bit of a moral delima that quickly would spin into all out party conflict as half of the wanted to kill the mounts, Others Sugguested that the mounts had done no wrong and were tools, while finally a third party avocated releasing the weasels back to the wilds. Ultimately the order decided to leave the weasels and continue heading farther into Nezira to be confonted by 4 kolbold on a high ledge.

Alandra vanished and then mimiced the Kobold’s vioce to convince them to lower a rope. Upon climbing it the rope, Lane Stills and Trog rushed in to grab the rope, preventing the Kobold from pulling it up. The kobold the cut the rope and began to yelling as Dogface Magic Missled one killing it right out. They Screamed in confusion as “The humans had sent an embassador.” As the third Kobold began to explain his confusion over the party’s attack and killing of thier men, Dogface killed him with another magic missle, causing the other Kobold to cower. Naturally this Cause a massive conflict in the order that was primarly discussed between Dogface and Lane. The two could not agree on when it was ok to kill a Kobold and if they should be trusted. Lane’s main concern was disgression, wanting to play each situation by ear. Dogface on the other hand wanted a clear set of boundries on what was ok and what was not to stop this conflict in the future. The two clammered back and forth when over head a member of the order finally noticed that Ryltik had been watching then the whole time.

He greeted them with no agressions, instead only offering a rant and proclaiming that the Kobold of the Order of the Claw are innocents. He then mentioned that the only agressor was his brother, Glintooth. Ryltik then admitted he had attacked but only because the Gnomes knew of a sacred location at Bend Point and deliberately build a fortress over it. He also justified The Order of the Egg stating that all thier actions have been in defense, and that the attack on Jane’s Plantation was due to Jane being a witch who has forsaken thier lands and stopped thier cropps from growth, killing thier live stock. It was at this point much of the party bickering had quieted down with Dogface still entagizing the Kobold he offered them safe passage to his keep in Nezira and invited them to me Jason Firewell.

After meeting with Jason, accusations flew wild. Lane Opening accused Jason of trying to occestrate a civil war, while other threw out concerns over Wrieth. It was a mess of Argueing fighting and disagreement until finally Jason pulled out his Royal decree from King Lavion. It said the Firewells were free to do trade with/ provide aid to Kobold of the Claw. Alandra however was able to tell the signature was a fake, though Jason seemed to believe it was real, full heartly.

Decided that there was nothing more they could do, the order left Nezira Alandra went back to the guild house and to Wrieth to inform them of thier situation, while the rest of the party pushed on to O’neal.


Once in Wrieth, Alandra explained the situation to Sir Wrieth and learned the government was calling him in to represent his family in a case against removing thier Nobility.

Afterwards, Alandra headed to the Order’s keep to check on the recruits. While there she met another of Chloe’s personalites, Sally. Sir Rivercrest and Sir Meywood were both at the keep as they were no longer needed in Wrieth. The two had been running the recruits through drills, and really stepped the squires/iniates into shape. She was also given an enchanted letter to give to Lane

Order of the Dawn

Along thier way to O’Neal Azel noticed some unusal tracks. When pointing them out to the party, it was identified as a gang of undead moving in a solid direction. After following the tracks to the Village of Eaglerock, the order found a scene of slaughter as all of the village had been massacred. The order went around one by one making sure none of the villagers would rise again when they encountered the undead causing this villianous act. After defeating the creatures, Azel and Dogface noticed a shadowy man wearing McTire crests shadow stepping away from the village. With the threat defeated the party gathered the corpses, fired them and Lane gave them thier last rights.

The Next day the party arrived in O’neal where they met up with Alandra who had gotten then super fast but was exhausted. There Alandra explained everything that had been going on and Lane read the letter. It notes the Mctires would arrive at thier fort in 2 days. They searched around the town a bit gathering information before finally Sarloth was revealed as the O’neal house mage. He was easy to find and even provided them with the answers they were looking for. He told them that he made the door at Fred’s request and then Fred was insistant on it being a petrification that he was hit with. Sarloth then teleported them back to thier guild house wishing them good luck.

Once at the guild house it was time to talk. Lane and Dogface once again began going Toe to Toe, Debating the points and rules for killing Kobold. This went on for hours and ultimately led to Dogface Sugguesting Trog should speak for the Order from now on, Effectively asking Lane to Step Down. Trog being quiet as normal protested being made guild leader stating he didn’t want it, and kept on doing his thing. Regardless Dogface and a few other Other members maintianed trog should speak more, as when he does speak its all very sound charismatic and thought out. While all this was going on Alandra and Trog found themselves trying to get to know “Chloe” and met two more of her personalities. Mary Sue, and Maiko.

Finally after a long night of argueing the party awoke and readied themselves. Dogface got to speaking with Sir Rivercrst and Sir Meywood trained a bit, while Trog spent the day in the stables, Lane Prayed for a large part and handled guild finaces, Alandra Helped Prepare a feast and Alandra spent the day with “Chloe”. Eventually the Mctires arrived and took part in the feast. They explained they were at the beck and call of the Order of the dawn as they were servantss of Barchiel. As matters of assistance were being discussed, the party was fascinated by the most resounding music as the doors were kicked in and Jason O’neal along with his brother Sean O’neal Busted through the doors stating. " You didn’t think you’d have a meeting with the nobles of O’neal without us did you ? "

End sessions.

The Kobold City: Nezira
Session 11

Days past – 2

The party continued pushing forward toward the kobold strong hold not entirely sure where thier travels would take them. With rough weather the party camped out waiting on the heavy storm to pass when suddenly they spotted a familiar wagon moving down the road. With much they stopped the wagon to find the man who had been traveling up and down the road last time. The only different is this time he was equipted with mind resisting items.

The party searched all through his wagon, But ultimately found nothing of note aside from food, furs, and other common items. Feeling they had no reason to continue holding the merchant in the rain, the Order of The Dawn released him, choosing to instead follow closely behind. After awhile the Natalie, Scouting ahead noticed the man making strange preperations. He made an alter and dropped his goods in a similar fashion to that of the faith of the red, however he did not burn the dropped goods.

After investigating the scene, the party noticed a few kobold and chase the lot back to an opening leading them into a full blown Kobold city with one large kobold giving orders. The Party vigorously attacked him, ultimately revealing that he himself was a Snowclone. After a series of charge lead, Azel was thrown from the mount the party was fighting on and drug off by Kobold. She found herself awakening in a room filled with books and experiments, greeted by an old kobold. The kobold refered to himself as The Egg Shaper and had healed her wounds. He lead her out explaining that his time in Nezira was done and it was really of no interest to him anymore. Raising his cane into the air.

Moving into the catacombs of Nezira, The party located the labritory and found where the eggshaper had been experimenting with many eggs, creating mutant Kobold. They found several of his experiments, most notables a crystalized fetish in a jar, and a black wings fetish in a jar.

Continuing through the party located a room Marked off with draconic writing stating do not enter. Inside there were dead kobold litered along stone spike, with an earth elemental lurking around the corner. After a deadly fight, the party located a Large Magic bottle. After opening the bottle a beautiful woman appeared with light purple skin and gem stone hair. She wore seductive female styled armor that offer no true protection and left little to the imagination….

Who is this mysterious woman?
Will she grant the party 3 wishes?
Are the Kobold all that bad?
All this and more in the next seesion!

Wormholes and Squires!
Session 10

Days past – 5

The session began with the order preparing to head out of town toward the kobold threat.

While the Rest of the party geared up. While the other party member’s got ready, the Order’s Guild mage,Alandra, Read the minds of those close to Dean and Lady Natalia scouted Fort Wrieth. While scouting, she found a hidden drawer that had been sealed, located Lord Wrieth‘s Bedroom. The room he was assisinated in. Prying the drawer open, A dimesion door was found leading to a wine casket in the Wirey Mast. After investigation by Tabit it was determined that the O’neal’s house Mage had cast on of the Dimesional Doors. It was also uncovered that both the drawer and barrel were make and had the spell cast with perminacy before leaving O’neal.

With the knew found knowledge the party headed back to Bend Point to s check on thier guild house and rest for the night. On arrival they found the guild house was full of unruley folks and there was no organization to the chaos. Eventually Dogface and Sir Lane set the lot straight with Trog Coming up with a Solution for thier Multiple personality Magic recruit. Finally Lane Squired 3 of the recruits, Making the rest that stayed initiates.

Afterwards the order continued north. After making camp the party was assualted with fireballs, finding themselves face to face with the vampire they had missed killing at Mt Daye. After Almost getting wiped out the vampire vanished and dawn broke.


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