A new goddess
Session 53

Days past – 2

The party headed south to help in Lavion. Once there, they were informed of the Mage’s councils troubles and sprung into action. After a bit of discussion, they decided the best option was to have Azel use her druidic magic get the the near by farms going in good shape and send the Ram, MacArnold, and Madison to Lavion to help with the policing of the citizens and restore order.

At the celebration/ send off for the three however, an unexspected guest came to be. An Angel stepped through the front gates unlike any they’d seen before who looked unaware of the people and was quite startled. The party tracked her while douglass went to Mt Daye to look for divine assistance. There he was given a vision of the angel strike down Suriel in a fit of confusion. After a minor confontation with the new goddess, the Members of the Dawn returned home and prepared.

Angel's Reborn
session 52

Coming soon.

The Battle at Marcos's manor
Session 51

Coming soon

The First is release and Quin raises an Army
Session 49

2 days

The group entered into the the room and was immediately taken back but the amount of religious symbols lining the walls of the crypt. At its end of the room a mummified corpse hung from the wall spiked with silver with a crown of garlic resting on his head.

Douglass was the first to approach but stopped once he began to see the room dimming only to him. Alandra followed suite and drew the Wicked blade of souls, the weapon began to controll her egging her closer and closer. At this point in an attempt to save Alandra, Douglass trying to disarm her. This caused Nova and the Blade of soul to clash cracking nova and shattering the blade of souls.

At this point Alandra using true site was able to see the soul of the first trapped beneath the corpse resting on a throne, looking excited as numberous attempted to take some of his flesh had almost broken the circle of sand binding him.

Eventually the corpse was lasso’d down and trog attempted to behead him, however the first dominated him cause Trog to impale himself. With Trog’s blood coating him the first began to regenerate twisting and contriving until finally he was youthful again at which time the party began to lash at him to no a veil. After arising, he turned to the group and thanked them before exiting and killing the Werebear Gardian, draining him and awakening his two generals.

After the Tomb

Feeling defeated, the group noticed thier weapons were coated in the flesh of the first and after baging them quick dropped them off with Marcos before heading home. Doug was left at O’neal to get Nova fixed and new armor made from the Linnorm and the rest of the group headed home. At Home Alandra learned that all of Azerus’s Artifacts had broken and that most close to her were suffering a terible plague.

Eventually this was cured after Alandra and Trog made a deal with Khalia for the return of her statue to Bend Point. But not before Alandra made a trip to the Shrine of Azerus only to find angry cultist and her name removed from the temple.

At this point Douglas met with Fabian Stonewalker who was building a KilBot, during time Alandra was called south to the Mage’s guild and told of the rebellions going on to the south by Simon. He also told her that the gnomes were not doing to well and that Demonic forces were still attacking.

After leaving the guild, Alandra told Trog of the Gnome land’s conflicted. Trog then got Douglass to inform Fabian who immediately transformed his base into a large crab and headed to the Gnome Lands leaving a massive lake where his home once was. Trog also spoke with his Command in the Order of the Shield and decided to send some of the cavaliers back.

The order decided to go and speak with the angels at Mt Daye. Despite being disappointed with them there were bigger issues at hand. Quin explained to them that his army was on the way to confront Sofiel and get the sap. He also explained that during this battle, the bubble would drop as Anachiel, Barchiel, Maelriel, and the cult of Vampires below would be joining in the war to attempt to assist them in anyway possible. Quin let them know that the battle would be in three days and exspected to see them there.

The Tomb of the First Born (II)

Days past 1

The party moved into the tomb after sleeping enter first into the room of shifting sands, after surving they then moved into a room that blasted Trog with flames before allowing him to pass into the a arena defend by a grizzly Werebear wielding a mean looking Axe. He however did not attack as the group were not undead and allowed them to pass.

The Group Entered the resting site of The First.

((then i got sick))

The Tomb of the First Born
Session 47

2 days

The party arrives on the frost Island to locate the first’s grave site. After battling thier way through a blizzard and avoiding several first along the way, the group located the Tomb of the First. While the cave looked like any other cave, after a good walk the group came to a massive enchanted door that stated in a runic language that they must first sign in. Moving to the left ttunnel the party was able to find a room with names eteched into stone of those who had come before them. After sign in in blood, the order of the dawn heard a far off door open as well as a growl coming from the south.

Venturing to the south, the party encountered a Frost linnorm that engaged in combat with them who was ultimately slain by Douglas, cursing him with frost Weakness. Aside from the loot in the room (Sword of storms, Super tent, Invunable armor) there was another room marked army of the damned. Exhausted from the battle, the party rested…..

The Pitfiend Oralus
Session 46

Days past – 3

The party reunited and headed towards Finalle. After a day of travel through the shadow plains, the grouped ended up outside the borders of the ruined city and made camp. Azel spent a few hours masking the group’s camp site before the Order of The Dawn slept. During Alandra’s watch a mass of Plague zombies wondered through the camp site and nearly trampled the party who remained motionless. At this point Alandra took control of a few of them and the group broke camp and headed toward the town.

Once through the undead that were along the outside of the town, the party began to hear a child crying. The Elves attempted to ignore the infants screams but trog, lane and douglass could not. Moving toward the sounds, the group located a nude woman hiding and trying deperately to silence a baby. She explained thaty she had escaped from the building they were standing next to and that it was a breeding ground. A few of the group scaled the building and entered in through a window, to find a room full of organs in jars, Douglass then stealthed down the hall and entered into a room full of slave woman and men. IT seemed to easy, and that’s when the group came to the conclusion that the demonic forces were allowing prisons to escape, so they could gave some hope before the evil captuured them again in an attempt to cause great dispair. Swearing to free the 400 people, the order left and only to find themselves surround on the streets and forcefully teleported.

A bright fight burned in the middle of the large round room the group entered and from the shadows oozed out a large demonic creature that slowly took shape. He introduced himself as Oralus and informed them that this was thier end. The Group noticed oraluses ring was the stone they were looking for and combat broke out. Oralus pounded the group with fireballs and meteors from behind his wall of flames before finally getting rammed through by Trog’s lance. With this bewildering hit, Oralus began lashing out and was eventually taken out as Lane’s sword sliced across his chest and Douglass drove Nova through the beastes spine and out of it’s throat.

With ring in hand the party returned to a not so happy Marcos who lashed out at them for coming back to his home with a traceable teleport so quickly after defeating a member of the Devil’s Council. The group dropped off the ring and then made way toward the ever forest to retrieve a locke of Gyle‘s hair and ended this installment standing before the hero’s grave site.

The Dragon Graveyard
session 45

Choosing to go on without the other party members, Alandra, Trog, and Douglas took off headed to the east. Their goal was to hit the center of The Highhills and to then branch out from there. Along the way, the group stopped after arriving at a massive Castle that had seen better days after exploring what little they could the party found the remains of Sarah Firewell. Alandra conjured her soul and promised to bring her remains to her family. As the party left the area they were attacked by a band of demons that were quickly dispatched after Trog was able to reflect the leaders spell back at them.

After only again traveling through the shadow planes, the party exited to camp and were greeted by the same demon pretending to be a rabbit. After the party made he aware that they could see through his illusions, he offered a deal. A Wish for FREE. Wearily Alandra excepted, Wishing for a wand of incredible soul trapping power. It was granted to her but at a cost. The Wand could no trap evil souls, and good souls would be warped to a hell dimension. With that Alandra laughed as the Demon’s big double cross ment nothing to her and went back to her watch.

When the Party arrived within the High hills they were able to locate an old Imperial fortress and take refuge as it was pouring down outside. Ater searching the keep it was apparent that the location was used as a military command station during the High Hiller extermination campaign. The group was also able to find a map detailing the Ore viens of Mana Stone that run through the High Hills, leading them to the Dragon Graveyard. Following the trail, the party met up with a clutch of Red Dragon that honored Alandra’s cause and led her to the burial site while Trog and Douglas dug for Manastones.

Taking the Fairy dragon Pop With her, Alandra entered the Graveyard and left the corpse of Demetris Grant in a nice location and left the area. When she returned she found that Trog had been burying Douglas to his neck, While Douglas cast Detinate on himself in an attempt to get blast mine the ore. It worked, Or would have had Douglas not uncovered a massive Oil well. After dumping most of the wells supply onto the landscape, Douglass was tired and Alandra was ready to go home. Egged on by Trog, Douglas launched a fireball at the Spewing oil well at the moment they teleported creating one of the largest explosions seen in the area since the War.

During the course of the teleport, the group found themselves moving backwards 2 days in time and arriving before they had left making for an awkward moment when marcos walked their former selves outside….

The Unbinding Ritual
Session 44

Days Past – 1

With the Party on the back of Sheila, Marcos jetted through the cracked “bubble” and rushed back to his home. After a few teleports, the party found themselves at Marcos’s Mansion where he took them into his laboratory explaining that he would need samples of each of their blood.

Naturally the group was uneasy about this and bombard the Wizard about his intentions, what he could do with the blood, and why he was so insistent on getting it. Marcos reassured them that with their blood he could not only track the group, but perform a powerful summoning of them to pull them from threat of death if the plans were to fail.

After taking about a pint of blood from each party member, Marcos led them to his library were he allowed Douglass to copy his spellbook, and Alandra to commune with his familiar. While doing this marcos pelted them with various scrolls to assist them on the mission at hand. Explaining that he himself was capable of making the Divinity serum, the wizard pointed the group toward their next goal, retrieving a ring with a Purple stone of power in it.

Marcos also revealed to them his ultimate plan. Marcos rolled out an ancient piece of parchment with the most powerful unsummoning spell ever created on it. In order to achieve this spell the group would Need to:
-Have an Antimagic source strong enough to close the hell gate
Joining in the ritual required:
-Ability to cast 6th level arcane spells
-To make a spell craft of 30+ each round
To complete the spell it would take:
-Total Spell craft score of around 2,500 and only 30+ checks would contribute to the spell.
Once that was complete an exorcism would be needed:
-Required a 1,00 total knowledge religion (or other exorcism related) check with only 30+ Contributing

With this in mind the party exited Marcos’s home and set forth toward Finalle

The Summoner Marcos
Session 43

Days past – 3
Quick breakdown:
Party saw the Angels were not at Mt Daye
Party went Home
Crash led them to Marcos
Marcos attacked them
After combat, Marcos explained he could stop the Ultimate evil
Marcos Slept at Bend Pointto recover spells lost in the combat
Party boarded Sheila and were off to Marcos’s Mansion


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