The Unbinding Ritual
Session 44

Days Past – 1

With the Party on the back of Sheila, Marcos jetted through the cracked “bubble” and rushed back to his home. After a few teleports, the party found themselves at Marcos’s Mansion where he took them into his laboratory explaining that he would need samples of each of their blood.

Naturally the group was uneasy about this and bombard the Wizard about his intentions, what he could do with the blood, and why he was so insistent on getting it. Marcos reassured them that with their blood he could not only track the group, but perform a powerful summoning of them to pull them from threat of death if the plans were to fail.

After taking about a pint of blood from each party member, Marcos led them to his library were he allowed Douglass to copy his spellbook, and Alandra to commune with his familiar. While doing this marcos pelted them with various scrolls to assist them on the mission at hand. Explaining that he himself was capable of making the Divinity serum, the wizard pointed the group toward their next goal, retrieving a ring with a Purple stone of power in it.

Marcos also revealed to them his ultimate plan. Marcos rolled out an ancient piece of parchment with the most powerful unsummoning spell ever created on it. In order to achieve this spell the group would Need to:
-Have an Antimagic source strong enough to close the hell gate
Joining in the ritual required:
-Ability to cast 6th level arcane spells
-To make a spell craft of 30+ each round
To complete the spell it would take:
-Total Spell craft score of around 2,500 and only 30+ checks would contribute to the spell.
Once that was complete an exorcism would be needed:
-Required a 1,00 total knowledge religion (or other exorcism related) check with only 30+ Contributing

With this in mind the party exited Marcos’s home and set forth toward Finalle

The Summoner Marcos
Session 43

Days past – 3
Quick breakdown:
Party saw the Angels were not at Mt Daye
Party went Home
Crash led them to Marcos
Marcos attacked them
After combat, Marcos explained he could stop the Ultimate evil
Marcos Slept at Bend Pointto recover spells lost in the combat
Party boarded Sheila and were off to Marcos’s Mansion

Platypus returns!
Session 42

Days past – 3
The party began the session in O’neal….

While Alandra was getting her soul returned, Sir Stills decided to commune with Barchiel. Azel found a spot outside of O’neal, build a commune pit, and the two took black Serum to commune.

They were granted a vision of Platypus slaughtering elves while leaves poured from the skies around her. They snapped out of the vision and met with the rest of the party,Content Not Found: trog-b-sebane was lost during this time. With that they were off to Bend Point.

Douglass Left to speak with Fabian about Nova. During this time Trog and Azel went to Sactuary to make a nest for his Roc Egg. While there, Azel revealed the vision and the two scryed to Platypus and found she was in Fireseed. While this was going on Alandra went back to Lavion and was made a temporary Inquisitor. There she got her wings returned and was back to Bendpoint.

The Party then immediately rushed to Fireseed to meet with Tonya. Pop was then captured and Tonya was dumbfounded that someone could so easily make there way into her ranks. They then scryed her again and found Platypus was in bendpoint under there keep waiting for them. Rushing home, the group went down the well and encounter her again. The group fought long and hard, finally in the end Trog ran her through and Alandra attempted to steal her soul. She was Successful but damaged her wand badly. As then walked climbed back up to the top of the well, A loud boom was heard as the continent shook, over head the sky cracked and there was a moment of panic. Burnman was aware of the party….

The Champions of Azerus
Session 41

Days past – 3 Days
After the events of last session, the party thought it best to scry locations before going to them for treasure hunting. After getting a wide variety of locations, the group decided it best to head to a massive statue in the middle of no where. After getting there, the party encountered a massive stone statue that was covered in vines and flora. Douglaswas able to quickly Identify runes of flesh to stone around it and stop the party from entering.

Getting into more ideal combat position, the party triggered the trap and began combat. After Unloading on the Huge Spiderlike construction it struck back firing beams of light out that petrified trog and badly hurt the rest of the party. Seeing Content Not Found: trog-b-sebanefall, Lanebegan to frenzy and torn through the construct that dissolved into a thick, oily tar that Lane Bottled.

Alandra took Trog’s body and rushed off to Lavion. There the town had become much less utopian then it was in the past. Alandra was on a mission though and wasted no time getting Trog fixed. The receptionist mentioned the rebellions that the inquisitors have been extinguishing in the area and thusly Trog tipped 2,000 gold as the guild had fallen on harsh times.

The two then returned back to the site and went down to enter the shrine beneath the statue. There they fought a large tentacled monster that would have killed Alandra except that Douglas shocked he back to life while Trog applied immediate first aid.

A few rooms down the way A trap required a sacrifice of flesh, Alandra and Lane stepped up and ended losing a hand. As the dungeon continued on, they ended up finding several artifacts including the Immortal mail, and the mask of consuming.

At the end of the dungeon, the party came upon a room filled with darkness that materialized into a god figure. He introduced himself as Azerus and asked for a champion to come forth. Alandra volenteered knowing that Lane and Trog were both of a good allignment and was given the blade of souls that her name was then burned into. The god then claimed her as his champion and Arrised his shrine, The Shrine of Azerus.

After these events closed, Alandra decided it was time to get her soul back and Lane needed to speak with the McTiers. Lane got a new hand sewn on and Alandra became a dragon again and got her leg fixed….

Fallen From the Light
Session 40

Days past – 4

After a bit of discussion, the Order of The Dawn left to meet with the angel Sofiel. They walked up on a drove of followers compelled to stand in line to become fused with the Redwood tree of souls. This time around however the followers were not merely Elves, but also Ciatore and Oniglio. The group began to speak with the angel who expressed that resurrecting the angels, Raziel and Suriel, would make no difference in stopping the end of times. During this conversation, Douglass let it slip out that the party was in possession of some of the artifacts that she would need to create the Divinity Serum.

Sofiel demanded the objects and combat soon broke out. The party began by pulling out the green stone of power which Sofiel then smashed. This sealed all of Content Not Found: trog-b-sebane_ magical abilities and destroyed the stone. As combat pushed on, _Content Not Found: relph was slain and the party surrendered and gave the Angel all of the bones of Ferromosis.

Demoralized, the party headed back to Bend Point after camping in an abandon Elven settlement. Once at Bend point, the group decided the next best option for them was to adventure and dungeon crawl by following the Map made from the Linnorm’s heart. The largest location on the map was near Fireseed and so with a quick teleport, they were there.

The ferry man at the river explained that the area they were headed to was known for its magical giants. They paid the Ferryman well and continued south. After following the road for awhile, the party eventually came to a trade post and camped for the night. While there, they met Bardelby Meadows, a young man interested in starting a life on his own. He explained that he ran the trade post while his father hunted for furs and the such in the area. After staying the night, Sir Lane Stills generously bought 1000 gold worth of pelts from him and Douglass provided him with directions to his Grandfather’s shop so that he might become a successful merchant.

As the party got closer to the location that began seeing signs, each warning to turn back. The party pressed on to find a large castle made of wood and clay on the hill side and entered in. Once there, they were greeted by a man named Demetris Grant. He welcomed the adventurers and offered them drinks. Lane felt uncomfortable as Demetris gave off an evil Aura but headed in with the party who gave Demetris a line about investigating dragon activity in the area. Demetris gave them good drinks, did some drugs with Azel, and even talked about Sabriel’s glory to Lane. While giving the party a tour through his home, Douglas noticed that the house with haunted by spectral creatures despite Demetris speaking ill of necromancers. After finishing his tour and making jokes about taking the attractive party members to his room he asked, “What do you guys do for fun.” Lane responded “Kill evil creatures.” A bit taken back, Demtris asked “You just out right kill them ?” Without hesitation, Lane responded by decapitating him and killing the unarmed man in cold blood.

As Lane felt himself falling from the Angels graces, Demtris reverted to his true form… a red dragon. Lane immediately began drinking, something he’d never done before. Alandra, disturbed by this fact, channeled the Dragon’s soul and questioned him. She found the souls trapped in the walls were Demetris’s victims that he was attempting to help move on, so that he might repent for his sins. Meanwhile the rest of the order, minus Trog, began to pillage his home stating “How is this different then any other dragon horde we’ve raided”. Alandra then vowed to send him the the Dragon Burial Ground before taking his corpse, while the rest of the group speculated where the deed to Grant Mannor might be, as Douglass estimated the home to be worth upward of 200,000 gold.

What will come next, only time with tell….

House Keeping
session 39
Civil War.
Session 38


The Ivory Hand!
Session 37

Coming soon.

Quin, The Paladin of Flame
Session 36


The Gnomes are Coming!
Session 35

Days Past – 5
After heading home, the party was rudely awakened by the sound of Lightfoot’s horn warning of an unknown coming up the road. Springing to action, the Order of The Dawn found it was Sir MacArnold and two of his other harvest guard.

MacArnold explained that his Harvest guard had been destroyed by a massive Gnomish army that spit fire and found like demons while patroling the countries southern borders. The group welcomed him and his two remaining Guard to stay and booked it for the gnomish lands. Once at the site the Leader of the Order of the Shield explained to Trog that they were possessed beings that were heading along the country side destroying the landscape and killing everything in their way. There were also rumors of a Boy that matched Quinndescription fighting the army.

With 50 other gnomish Cavaliers, the party confronted the army. After quite a bit of death and several members almost dieing, the armies general, A fallen angel, began attacking the party. Luckily however the party was able to overcome the monster with Alandra stealing it’s soul and forever sealing it away.


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