Murder at the Mansion #23

The party found themselves invited to a celebration by Callum O’neal . After arriving near [[ O’neal the party made their way through the small town of EagleRock. After staying the night there, they agreed to deliver a package for the barkeep and quickly arrived in O’neal.

Once there the party explored the city a bit before delivering their package. From here they sought at Callum’s home where they stayed for the few days before the party started. The group encountered a number of different nobles from Oas, most of whom came off quite rude. Ultimately, however, the party turned out to be just Auction for an item that belonged to the Order of The Dawn. The trinket was purchased, however, as luck would have it it was cursed. This caused the woman who bought it to instantly die, prompting Callum to send a party member to retrieve a member of the McTires. After the mess was calmed, Callum revealed that he had taken the item from a treasure horde the order of the Dawn had hidden in the mountains near there. He explained that if this was cursed… It likely all was and he had already begun to sell the items.

Airborne #22

The Party took to the skies and began handling a series of side quests

The Angel of the Black #21

The party exited the drow fortress and began making their way toward one of the large locations marked in Red on their map of the Under dark. Along the way, they encounter a cavern Dragon, but he was scared off by Seron leaving the location. A few days later, the party found that they were being pursued by what they assumed was the mother of the prince dragon they had killed.

During this time, Danica located Goblin tracks that Seron was able to trace back to their layer. Inside the goblin layer, the good found a strange glass portal but ignored it for a time despite it glowing when something was slain. As they continued going through, they soon found themselves face to face with a demon that seemed to be controlling the Brood mother. The group slew the demon before moving on and executing the Brood Mother using the Everblade.

It was then upon exploring the rest of the cave that they found the location where the Angel Barchiel appeared to not only be alive but trapped. She touched her hand to the glass before being pulled back into the shadows of the crystal but some dark mysterious force. While this occurred Icette fell to the ground screaming in pain as the gods spoke to her. She awoke with a formula for the God Serum and a Message for the Goddess Alandra: “Resurrect her.”

Drow's of Fort Dread #20

As the party continued on with their new companion, they crossed a long underground desert with heavy winds that beat against the group and made travel very difficult. After traveling for roughly half a day, they were attacked. The party fought and killed the dark Jinn. Despite trying to find it’s nest, they were unsuccessful and moved on.

The broke out of the desert area and soon found themselves moving through large hill lands where they ran across a small hut. Inside, after some convincing, they were able to trade some goods with an old drow woman before once again heading north toward a mushroom forest.

Once in the forest the group picked exotic fruits and kept heading toward what they believed was the goblin nest. While in this mushroom forest, party was attacked by Drow that quickly killed their animals and warned of Fort Dread!!

Dragons and MindFlayers #18 + #19

The group found themselves entering the Underdark through a long underground tunnel leading. After following the tunnel for several miles, the group came to a massive fortress with Old Mino banners all over it.

Upon exploring the keep for a bit, the party found corpses that were 100s of years old. All with their skulls cracked out. A diary from one fallen soldier indicated that the fortress had been taken over my monsters that no one else could see. It indicated that they would have everyone acting normal and going about their day as the monsters slowly ate their brains.

The party eventually made it the world room and Seron was able to duplicate one of the maps of the area of the Underdark the party was in. At this time they were suddenly attacked by an Umber Hulk and it’s kinfolk!

After defeating that creature, the party continued onward heading towards one of the strange markings on the map. Soon the party found themselves with only the light of glowing crystals overhead to navigate by. After encountering a number of aggressive creatures, the party eventually began seeing glowing green stones on the ground. After deciding to steal one of the larger crystals growing from the earth, the party was attacked by a large emerald dragon. The Dragon stated that he was the prince of this land and began attempting to kill Danica and Seron. He failed.

Deciding that it was best for them to not continue (Fearing they would meet the mom) Danica and Seron turned around and headed toward a different landmark. After several more days and several more monsters, the party arrived at a small house by an underground river. Close by the party found a mill that was producing a blue flour from nearby mushrooms and turning it into a sort of bread.

After camping for a bit, it was noted how many spiders were on the ceiling above the mill and before the party knew it they were engrossed in a battle with tons of giant spiders that resulted in Seron burning the web and essentially sending out a giant flare for everyone to see for miles!

The group then booked it down the river, before eventually crossing. Soon the party located a real road and found themselves walking past ruined houses and spider carvings. One night on the road, the group was even passed up by a massive 2 story scorpion that rushed past the group.

Finally, the party arrived at the map location that turned out to be a temple to the spider queen Lolth Inside the party found a specter containing a powerful mana stone and a device that transfers life from one victim to another host. Unaware of what the device did, Seron ended up give up 3 years of her life to make Danica 3 years younger. The Group ended up being the staff to steal the mana stone and leaving.

Continuing on their way the Seron began to hear the cries for her from a young girl. After much searching, they were able to meet with the girl who was reaching out telepathically. The girl was a Mind Flayer, the same type of monster that killed the entire McE Keep. She explained that she was not a brain eater and because of that her family wanted her dead. She begged the party to help her and get her to the surface before her family found her. They agreed…..

The path to the underdark #17

The party began by Celebrating their return with a large feast held in Leo’s honor. Leo and Seron spent much of the night night together while Danica found herself being followed by their golem. After not seeing Gronn or Sir Phineas, Danica found the two of them practicing a special attack together off at the airship. Meanwhile, the groups newest companion Kirean met with his contact who called off the hit on Leo.

In the morning the group discussed plans to head toward the underdark to deal with the goblins and left Gronn with some plans for an armored wagon. Sir Phineas also mentioned wanting to put some weapons onto the Airship and the group agreed.

On the road, the group was made aware of both a woman following them from the skies by Golem 66. Despite trying to find her, they had no luck. That night night the group found themselves under attack by Goblin riders and then ultimately by undead. After the fight, the group attemtpted to clean up when they noticed that Seron had been bitten by what they could only assume was a vampire.

As the party moved out of the forested areas near Beals on the flat open plains leading to the serptine tongue Mts. They still had the distinct feeling that they were being followed. The next day, the group found themselves running across a large stag torn in half. Seron located tracks and the group soon found themselves moving though a small chasm. Seron soon after was attack by a large Frost golem that she dropped almost instantly with little effort. Near it they located his dead owner with a book entitled “Building a snow golem” and a cracked controller gem.

With that at an end, the group once again continued pushing towards the under dark.

The Trials of Azel #14 + #15 + #16

The party located the closest of the trials of Azel and made off toward the keep Salt Mist. Talking with them Leo and Menith, the group set off for the long trip ahead. The group may or may not have befriended a golem who logic his way into traveling with them!

Once at Salt Mist, the group entered inside and was immediately attacked by a large wormlike monster that shot fireballs over the castle walls. The group fought the worm, who eventually retreated to the underground. Entering into the keep, the group fought several ghost before eventually running across the ghost of the Lord of the keep, a McTire.

The ghost then explained that the others haunt the house after their horrible deaths and that their moaning and screams made it hard for him to haunt the keep himself. He offered to tell the group where the trial was if they could kill the ghost so he could get some rest. Naturally the party did and went from room to room slaying the ghost before returning to Lord McTire. He explained that the trial was in a hidden passage under the nursery. At some point before returning to see Mctire, the group climbed one of the towers of keep and fought the worm one final time. The worm had wrapped itself around the tower threatening to bring it down.

After a brief searching of the McTire’s treasure room, the party went down into the trial. The trial was more a series of combats then anything else . At the end, there was a large field with one sacred tree and a ton of King’s root. Leo ingested the root in an attempt to trigger a vision and in doing so collapsed. While this was all going on, the group was attack by more guardians. Eventually however Leo awoke with new knowledge and understanding that they were all wrong. At first Leo could not talk, but eventually the former inquisitor began to open up about the things that he’d seen on his spirit quest.

After returning to Beals, the group split and met with their various friends. In the church of the red, Marcellous explained to the group that Nikolia and several other high ranking inquisitors he’d been fighting with had mysteriously chosen to leave town. He then introduced the party to a new comer to the town that chose to join the group for now.

After this, Danica left the church to speak with Gron who had finished the airship. Unfortunately Gron built the ship to large and it was determined that there was not enough power with the mana stone they had to make it fly.

While this was occurring, Seron was across town with Icette and Leo trying to make sense of his visions. Leo came to the conclusion that a war was coming and that he was to be a soldier in it. That the world eater curse was sent to punish his people for poorly worshiping Azel, and that he needed to take up the mantle of the paladin as a follower of Bahamut who gladly accepted him.

Later that night Icette spoke with Azel about a request she had regarding her family. Icette wanted the group to escort her to the grave site of her father within the Highhills. This was a particularly interesting proposal for the group as the Highhills were know to be the #1 spot to mine raw manastone.

Finally the night ended with Leo coming to meet with Seron to ask her out on a date. He was awkward and unsure of himself, but for once he was honest about his feelings. Luckily for him, she said yes.

Tower of Heaven #13

The party found themselves heading out toward an abandon tower per the instructions of Leo. With them the group brought their new travelling companion Sir Finigan. The travel was mostly easy going and along the way the group met up with a troup of travelling merchants being defended by some caravan guards. After doing some business with them, the group continued on toward the tower. There were few distractions along the way and Seron even ended bounding with Icette over Tarot readings.

Nearing the tower, the party began to see signs of a large predator. There were dead animals, burned by acid, and corpses torn in half. It was at this point that the party knew these were the actions of a Dragon of some kind. This made Finigan uneasy as he refused to sleep and remained completely armored. After getting closer to the tower, Seron was able to Identify that the dragon was in fact a drake of sorts. With that knowledge the party approached the tower and which was cover in flying jellyfish.

Soon a battle to place with Danica rushing the jelly fish and Seron downing the dragon with arrows through it’s wings. Sir Finigan finished the job by running it through before coming to help Danica who had all but destroyed the remaining Jelly fish.

Once inside the tower, the group found their inquisitor kneeling before a statue of Sabriel praying. Seeing the group with Leo’s ring, the inquisitor bowed his head and accepted that they were there to kill him. After a brief explanation, The inquisitor came to the conclusion that the group was sent there by the will of Sabriel. He also revealed that his last name was Hippogrif meaning that from his perspective, Gron’s prophecy was about him. While the rest of the party was not as sure, the inquisitor was certain and renounced his faith to Azel.

The group returned with no trouble on the roads to Beals where they found Gron still plugging away at his boat. The inquisitor reunited with his former brothers and they all went off for a chat. A short time later, the group was taken back but the inquisitors all fighting and storming off in different directions. It was at this time that Danica received a book from Menith about Azel when she was still a mortal. Danica gave the book to a very down Leo and explained it might help.

Later that night Seron awoke to a loud knocking coming from outside her door. Upon opening the door she found Leo standing outside in the rain, half shaven and drunk. He broke down to her and telling her that she was right all along and that he thought the inquisitors had been following Azel wrong. He explained that he was confused and alone. He told her of Azel trials, dungeons designed to test the worthiness of Azel’s followers. He then pleaded her as a friend to help him find one of these trials so that he might find his truth….

Zealots and prayers #12

The party found themselves traveling back to Beals after the conflict with Baerune. Along the path, the party was stopped by a group of men in thick living bone armor that appeared to be made of Remains.

The group explained that they were after a ring that the party was in possession of to give to Alandra as a gift. They explained that they needed it to assist her in her fight for the underworld.

As the party set off to discuss what to do, Icett hit the ground and began to speak in tongues. Seron rushed to comfort her and join with the rest of the party in prayer for guidance on what to do.

Amos invited the group over to discuss their intentions a bit more, while sitting at the fire with these men. While not directly threaten, they did inform the group that they could not let them continue on without handing over the ring.

It was at this point that one of the men’s clothing burst into flame violent. After this his fiends and Amos tried desperately to put out the fire but were not successful as the men were reduced to charred corpses in a matter of seconds.

Amos had a bit of a break down mentally at this point. He had recieved the sign from the gods he so desperately had been looking for, but it made him question both his own importance and the importance of everything.

After burying the corpses, the group moved on and soon found themselves in Beals. Nikoli left to meet with Leo and the rest of the group took off to say hello to their companions. Gronn was talking about construction and how he did not hear from the angel lately. But the group did take him out to start on a boat. Undoubtedly their intention was to begin building their airship.

Later that night, the town throw a large party to celebrate Nikoli coming back. It was clear from talking to the Leaf guard that they were still confused about Azel’s message but for the first time in awhile, they seemed happy. Seron spent the night awkwardly flirting with Leo, the bard Aenon played songs, and Amos was alone with his thoughts. During this time, the village elder introduced the party to (Gnome). He explained that he was a member of the Order of The Dawn and was sent here to prove himself worthy to be in their ranks.

The party seemed to welcome him full heartily and he soon spent the rest of the night talking with Danica about Oas and bonding. The next morning the group looked over their options and decided that their best bet was to head to the broken tower described by Leo when they first met. There they hoped to find the next inquisitor. Bringing their new gnome friend with them, the party headed out.

Baerune, the mauler! #11

Continuing through the old mine shaft, the group eventually came to a dead end that looked to be a living quarters. There was nothing useful here and so the group moved on, hallway by hallway.

Within one of the room, the group found the bodies of several long dead dwarves and an old safe. Luckily, Bill had a boot crowbar and with Danica’s assistance opened the safe. Inside there was some gold but more importantly blueprints for a war chariot, an airship, and lastly a underground drill cart.

After some more searching, the group found the main room of the cavern and were attacked by a fierce acid elemental and several slimes. The party fought hard and was able to pull through but just barely. The fight left the party exhausted and scarred. Danica lost spots of hair all over and half of Icet’s hair was melted away.

After the fight, the group gathered a number of items, including the glove of the slime lord, and also located the lost inquisitor. After some conversation with him, the group decided to rest, but outside. Preparing for a fight with Baerune, the group went out and rested. As expected a large daemon came forward making threats to the group but still remained non aggressive. He asked to offer a deal between himself and the party, but they refused. This is when Seron noticed that there were footprints in the snow next to the daemon, thinking quickly, she launched arrows at it and revealed a small angry imp. The imp cursed wildly as he was controlling the other daemon which was now expressionless. As the party attempted to get answers from the creature, he bombarded them with spells ranging from Hideous laughter, to confusion. Eventually however he ran out of spells and the party realized they had found Baerune.

Taking the ring from his neck, the party questioned the imp about his origins. He explained that he hated his master Marcos. He also explained that Marcos made a ring to control him but it was much more powerful than expected. Baerune poisoned Marcos in his sleep and stole the ring. Using the rings awesome power, Baerune took over several powerful demon’s in the underworld and then hid his identity before going to fight Alandra’s armies. Over the course of this conversation, it was revealed that without his ring, Baerune has been weakened greatly as most of his power was coming from a demon he controlled. He also let it out that he was going to be hunted now and tortured. Feeling bad for him, Seron helped make him a small home and told him that she may come back to check on him sometime.

With new ring in hand, the party continued on their way to Beals….


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