Order of the shield attacks!
Session 57

Out Heroes began the session engaged in Combat with Sir Mccoy, Sir Trogs former mentor who was now clearly under a demonic posession. The Former Knight Attacked Firecely and was able to sucessfully pocess Trog and at one point Douglass. After defeating him, more member of the Order of the Shield Poured in, All Pocessed. They Hit Trog Multiple times each landing another Spike inside of him.

In a moment of choas Trog Teleported back to bendpoint but was then taken over. Rushing to the scene the other members of the Dawn were able to stop the knights rampage but not before the slaying of one of the cities carpenters.

After taking Trog to Alandra’s medow, The group called Penn to trace the bones orgins. Penn then left so that Morgan and Marcos might come in to assist them. Morgan Dispelled the Pocession, while Marcos informed them that He could sommon this beast so that the Dawn could destroy it.

With the crisis Handle, Alandra and Azel entered the guild hall to speak with Sir Stills to discover him speaking with two very attractive males. Taking an interest in them the two woman proceed to flirt relentlessly. Alandra was able to identify the two as the Dragon Allies Brought to the Order as new found allies in the upcoming war.

Lane also announced that the carpenters family would be well Compensated and that the order would be paying for his ressurrection and that this would be coming from Sir Trogs pay. In Addition Sir Trog was to be held in the stocks until his Trial.

Attack on Bosebane Manor !
Session 56
The Reaping Door dungeon!
Session 55

Time past – 1 Day

The party woke to the sound of horns and went to the gates to see who was there. Once at the gate they were greated by a member of The Egg Shaper‘s men who was there to bring them back to the Eggshaper. The eggshaper explained that they had uncovers a gnomish set of ruins when building the Dragon’s Roost and that a Reaper Door was killing his men.

The party got past the trapped door and fought thier way through traps, cursed equipment, and monsters before arriving in the treasure room where Sir Trogg used his new dispelling warpick . Along the items they recieved was an intelligent Decorative Egg that scanned the party’s mind and then teleported them home With the treasure.

And Alandra now has 19 gnome/kobold skeletons hidden in shallow graves by her plot…. Waiting to arrise.

Prepareing for War
Session 54

Days Past – 2

With Sir Stills gone and no sign of the new angel, the party went back to their normal routines around Bend Point. Alandra went to fusing spirits into her soul tree, Azel to he sanctury for some Griffin training, Sir Trog to his Roc maintance, and Douglas to some much need “Alone time”. During this downtime the active champions of Barchiel discussed thier next course of actions which seemed to be informing the higher up leaders of Mino-Cross of the coming war, Firewell seemed to be their next stepping point.

The meeting however was interupted as Sir Lightfoot sounded the horns informing the order of a carvan coming toward the town. Azel transformed into an eagle and scouted the area, noting the people’s strange behavior and the illusion magic they were surrounded by. The group went to Sir Stills Inn and stayed where it was revealed that the illusions were from Penn as a way of protecting himself from Morgan who he revealed was hiding in Bendpoint. Penn explained that He and likely Morgan had been called here by Suriel in a glorious vision and let the group know he would legend lore the new angel. Not soon After Morgan arrived and began making demands, however the party was ok with them as Morgan agreed to make them all Spell resistance pendants.

the magic users of the group went to assisting him and worked hard throughout the night finishing the base for one in one nights work. They were all awoken once again to the loud sound of trumpets to announce another caravan, The Eggshaper had arrived with a similar story to Penn and Morgan as well as requesting land for two incoming Dragons. The party agreed and also snapped Marcos Out of his stupper who while confused, immediately got to work. After another day the usall the group went back to work attempting to finish more SR pendants and planning to go out adventuring.

A new goddess
Session 53

Days past – 2

The party headed south to help in Lavion. Once there, they were informed of the Mage’s councils troubles and sprung into action. After a bit of discussion, they decided the best option was to have Azel use her druidic magic get the the near by farms going in good shape and send the Ram, MacArnold, and Madison to Lavion to help with the policing of the citizens and restore order.

At the celebration/ send off for the three however, an unexspected guest came to be. An Angel stepped through the front gates unlike any they’d seen before who looked unaware of the people and was quite startled. The party tracked her while douglass went to Mt Daye to look for divine assistance. There he was given a vision of the angel strike down Suriel in a fit of confusion. After a minor confontation with the new goddess, the Members of the Dawn returned home and prepared.

Angel's Reborn
session 52

Coming soon.

The Battle at Marcos's manor
Session 51

Coming soon

The First is release and Quin raises an Army
Session 49

2 days

The group entered into the the room and was immediately taken back but the amount of religious symbols lining the walls of the crypt. At its end of the room a mummified corpse hung from the wall spiked with silver with a crown of garlic resting on his head.

Douglass was the first to approach but stopped once he began to see the room dimming only to him. Alandra followed suite and drew the Wicked blade of souls, the weapon began to controll her egging her closer and closer. At this point in an attempt to save Alandra, Douglass trying to disarm her. This caused Nova and the Blade of soul to clash cracking nova and shattering the blade of souls.

At this point Alandra using true site was able to see the soul of the first trapped beneath the corpse resting on a throne, looking excited as numberous attempted to take some of his flesh had almost broken the circle of sand binding him.

Eventually the corpse was lasso’d down and trog attempted to behead him, however the first dominated him cause Trog to impale himself. With Trog’s blood coating him the first began to regenerate twisting and contriving until finally he was youthful again at which time the party began to lash at him to no a veil. After arising, he turned to the group and thanked them before exiting and killing the Werebear Gardian, draining him and awakening his two generals.

After the Tomb

Feeling defeated, the group noticed thier weapons were coated in the flesh of the first and after baging them quick dropped them off with Marcos before heading home. Doug was left at O’neal to get Nova fixed and new armor made from the Linnorm and the rest of the group headed home. At Home Alandra learned that all of Azerus’s Artifacts had broken and that most close to her were suffering a terible plague.

Eventually this was cured after Alandra and Trog made a deal with Khalia for the return of her statue to Bend Point. But not before Alandra made a trip to the Shrine of Azerus only to find angry cultist and her name removed from the temple.

At this point Douglas met with Fabian Stonewalker who was building a KilBot, during time Alandra was called south to the Mage’s guild and told of the rebellions going on to the south by Simon. He also told her that the gnomes were not doing to well and that Demonic forces were still attacking.

After leaving the guild, Alandra told Trog of the Gnome land’s conflicted. Trog then got Douglass to inform Fabian who immediately transformed his base into a large crab and headed to the Gnome Lands leaving a massive lake where his home once was. Trog also spoke with his Command in the Order of the Shield and decided to send some of the cavaliers back.

The order decided to go and speak with the angels at Mt Daye. Despite being disappointed with them there were bigger issues at hand. Quin explained to them that his army was on the way to confront Sofiel and get the sap. He also explained that during this battle, the bubble would drop as Anachiel, Barchiel, Maelriel, and the cult of Vampires below would be joining in the war to attempt to assist them in anyway possible. Quin let them know that the battle would be in three days and exspected to see them there.

The Tomb of the First Born (II)

Days past 1

The party moved into the tomb after sleeping enter first into the room of shifting sands, after surving they then moved into a room that blasted Trog with flames before allowing him to pass into the a arena defend by a grizzly Werebear wielding a mean looking Axe. He however did not attack as the group were not undead and allowed them to pass.

The Group Entered the resting site of The First.

((then i got sick))

The Tomb of the First Born
Session 47

2 days

The party arrives on the frost Island to locate the first’s grave site. After battling thier way through a blizzard and avoiding several first along the way, the group located the Tomb of the First. While the cave looked like any other cave, after a good walk the group came to a massive enchanted door that stated in a runic language that they must first sign in. Moving to the left ttunnel the party was able to find a room with names eteched into stone of those who had come before them. After sign in in blood, the order of the dawn heard a far off door open as well as a growl coming from the south.

Venturing to the south, the party encountered a Frost linnorm that engaged in combat with them who was ultimately slain by Douglas, cursing him with frost Weakness. Aside from the loot in the room (Sword of storms, Super tent, Invunable armor) there was another room marked army of the damned. Exhausted from the battle, the party rested…..


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