Old man Menith #2

After the attack, the party handed over the goblin and helped conduct a trial for him. He goblin was then hung for his crimes.

Afterwards, the began heading down the trail toward Old man Menith’s house. Along the way they had a few strange encounters but nothing too substantial. After arriving, Menith begrudgingly offered to let the party member in. From here Amis spent his time slowly pouring over Menith’s books while Scron and Danica camp outside.

In the woods, Scron noticed a misty fog that beconed both herself and Danica to it. From here the two took off with Amis to investigate. They located a small grave to a girl “Olivia” and where then attacked by a Drown! After killing the monster the girl’s spirit was put to easy.

With this act done, Menith let the party know he was willing to be more helpful and offered to assist with the research of the Everblade. This came with the condition that they go off and find him a bottle of wine.

The party sat off on a quest to do, quickly finding the keep and loading up on wine! (40+bottles of it). After finding a secret passage, the group entered into the keep. After an encounter with some shadows the group was ready to just leave until Amis showed up to cure them. From here the group explored the dungeon, killed many undead, and stopped with redkey in hand before opening the final door!

Goblins Attack #1

The adventure began in the town of Beals with Danica entering a church of the Red to tithe where she met Amis. The two briefly discussed religion before a militia member rushed in and informed them to ring the bell, the town was under attack.

Danica and Amis rushed outside to greet the goblins and were met by Seron. The three proceed to slay goblins until finally the magic user goblin arrived and destroyed most of the church. After subduing him, the group questioned the goblin to learn that they were after the EverBlade. A weapon that kills families.

The group held a funeral for the dead villagers and then spoke with the elder who informed them that a man named Menith might know something about the sword. So the party ventured forth to meet Menith and discover the secret of the EverBlade.

The Guardians of Mino-Cross
Session# 67

After a bit of house keeping (Plots being bought etc)

The Order of the Dawn set out to retrieve the corpse of the legendary Blacksmith Conway.
the Dawn’s research lead them to the Ruined town of Thrickenridge. Immediately the Dawn could tell something was wrong as the town appeared to be covered in a thick haze that aged everything within it.
After some investigation the party was confronted by the multihead ChronoHydra Ferosis. Calming the creature the party explained the state of the world and what they were looking for. Ferosis led them to Conway’s remains in exchange for a favor. Ferosis explain that he was one of many Natural guardians, birthed to protect the lands of Mino-Cross. Ferosis was concerned for the well being for his companion Raspitek of the Floral Plains. It was at this point that the group was confronted by a large army of demonic forces that taunted them with threats of death. Taking this opprotunity, Alandra stepped forward and Screamed, killing the entire army and gravely wounding it’s Lieutenant who fled.

The party agreed to seek out Raspitek and left for the plains. The group there found the remains of the Colossal spider and resurrected him, agreeing to take him back and seek out the rest of the Guardians, hoping to make powerful new allies in their war on Hell.

The Death of Douglass
Session 65
Rumble with the Ivory Hand
Session # 64
The Priest of the White
Session # 63
Session #62


The Crypts of Floresdale
Session #60 & #61

Days Past – 2
The party walked through the remains of Floresdale only to see a city full of rot and death. After making it to the well in the old dwarven distict,the group descended into the catacombs and made thier way through the twisted dungeon. After retrieving the remains requested by Lance the group decided that since H ewas not entirely trustworthy that they would have a Dimensional Anchor ready to stop him in his tracks. They were sucessful to some degree, Alandra however used a staff to get all “innocents” out of the way ultimately leading them to the slaughter as the major spell usage attracted yet another member of the Devil’s Council. The group let Lance get his wish, choosing to instead fight the demon that Trog managed to slay on a lucky charge and alandra managed to capture. With Khalia feeded, the group used thier favor to wish both themselves and the resistance member back home to the safety of Bendpoint.

Order of the Dawn on Trial
Session #58

Days past – 4 days

The Party hung around Bendpoint for a bit after Trog’s trial before deciding it was time to Summon the Archfiend. The Party slept well before getting Marcos and heading out to a field near where the Knights first encountered The Linnorm. From here Marcos made Douglas and Trog turn away while he prepare a sacrfice to the demon. Once summoning the fiend marcos booked it and combat began.

The Fight was Harsh with Douglas and Trog Almost Dieing but in a last ditch effort, Trog Active Eggbert And launched him off, Sealing the Arch fiend for 100+ years to the plains of hell.

Exhausted the party returned to the guild hall to rest where Morgan presented them with the SR Broaches.


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