Zealots and prayers #12

The party found themselves traveling back to Beals after the conflict with Baerune. Along the path, the party was stopped by a group of men in thick living bone armor that appeared to be made of Remains.

The group explained that they were after a ring that the party was in possession of to give to Alandra as a gift. They explained that they needed it to assist her in her fight for the underworld.

As the party set off to discuss what to do, Icett hit the ground and began to speak in tongues. Seron rushed to comfort her and join with the rest of the party in prayer for guidance on what to do.

Amos invited the group over to discuss their intentions a bit more, while sitting at the fire with these men. While not directly threaten, they did inform the group that they could not let them continue on without handing over the ring.

It was at this point that one of the men’s clothing burst into flame violent. After this his fiends and Amos tried desperately to put out the fire but were not successful as the men were reduced to charred corpses in a matter of seconds.

Amos had a bit of a break down mentally at this point. He had recieved the sign from the gods he so desperately had been looking for, but it made him question both his own importance and the importance of everything.

After burying the corpses, the group moved on and soon found themselves in Beals. Nikoli left to meet with Leo and the rest of the group took off to say hello to their companions. Gronn was talking about construction and how he did not hear from the angel lately. But the group did take him out to start on a boat. Undoubtedly their intention was to begin building their airship.

Later that night, the town throw a large party to celebrate Nikoli coming back. It was clear from talking to the Leaf guard that they were still confused about Azel’s message but for the first time in awhile, they seemed happy. Seron spent the night awkwardly flirting with Leo, the bard Aenon played songs, and Amos was alone with his thoughts. During this time, the village elder introduced the party to (Gnome). He explained that he was a member of the Order of The Dawn and was sent here to prove himself worthy to be in their ranks.

The party seemed to welcome him full heartily and he soon spent the rest of the night talking with Danica about Oas and bonding. The next morning the group looked over their options and decided that their best bet was to head to the broken tower described by Leo when they first met. There they hoped to find the next inquisitor. Bringing their new gnome friend with them, the party headed out.

Baerune, the mauler! #11

Continuing through the old mine shaft, the group eventually came to a dead end that looked to be a living quarters. There was nothing useful here and so the group moved on, hallway by hallway.

Within one of the room, the group found the bodies of several long dead dwarves and an old safe. Luckily, Bill had a boot crowbar and with Danica’s assistance opened the safe. Inside there was some gold but more importantly blueprints for a war chariot, an airship, and lastly a underground drill cart.

After some more searching, the group found the main room of the cavern and were attacked by a fierce acid elemental and several slimes. The party fought hard and was able to pull through but just barely. The fight left the party exhausted and scarred. Danica lost spots of hair all over and half of Icet’s hair was melted away.

After the fight, the group gathered a number of items, including the glove of the slime lord, and also located the lost inquisitor. After some conversation with him, the group decided to rest, but outside. Preparing for a fight with Baerune, the group went out and rested. As expected a large daemon came forward making threats to the group but still remained non aggressive. He asked to offer a deal between himself and the party, but they refused. This is when Seron noticed that there were footprints in the snow next to the daemon, thinking quickly, she launched arrows at it and revealed a small angry imp. The imp cursed wildly as he was controlling the other daemon which was now expressionless. As the party attempted to get answers from the creature, he bombarded them with spells ranging from Hideous laughter, to confusion. Eventually however he ran out of spells and the party realized they had found Baerune.

Taking the ring from his neck, the party questioned the imp about his origins. He explained that he hated his master Marcos. He also explained that Marcos made a ring to control him but it was much more powerful than expected. Baerune poisoned Marcos in his sleep and stole the ring. Using the rings awesome power, Baerune took over several powerful demon’s in the underworld and then hid his identity before going to fight Alandra’s armies. Over the course of this conversation, it was revealed that without his ring, Baerune has been weakened greatly as most of his power was coming from a demon he controlled. He also let it out that he was going to be hunted now and tortured. Feeling bad for him, Seron helped make him a small home and told him that she may come back to check on him sometime.

With new ring in hand, the party continued on their way to Beals….

Strange Caverns #10

The party continued their way back toward Beals to regroup and help inquisitor Leo find his order. Despite believe it would be a long march back through harsh weather, the party made incredible time only really stopping along the way.

They began to smell a putrid odor that was unmistakably of death. Going to investigate, the group found a black stump in the center of a clearing with 13 bodies laid out around it. Most notable about the corpses was that,despite smelling foul, they showed no signs of death. There were no animal bite marks, no bloating, and on further inspection, they had no organs.

After much thought on the matter, the group came to the conclusion that this was the results of teleportation. On the Mainlands with magic still haywire, teleportation can be very risky as such it appeared this was a failed attempt.

Once in Beals the group made the decision to avoid Gron due to the Everblade situation. As imagined, this did not go well as Gron quickly found Seron. Gron was quick to explain that the angel no longer wanted the Everblade but instead gave him a warning to deliver to the group. The angel warned that a great and powerful dragon was upset with the Inquisitors of Kiverly and that a hippogrif would be coming to destroy them. Gron of course was confused by this but in true Ogre fashion had drawn this out on his wall as cave paints. After a bit of talk about construction, Gron new favorite hobby, Seron left the Ogre paladin and headed to warn her allies.

At the Church of the Red, Amis found himself performing service for the people of the town when Seron came in. Most notable was that there were many members of the Leaf guard here worshiping. Without much thought, Seron explained the warning to the group and was over heard by one of the worshiping Leafguard who misunderstood. Thinking that Azel was wrathful for his worship of the Celestial Angels, the member of the guard left in a panic to warn his companions.

The group left the church to check in with Menith before finally heading to meet with Leo and the town Elder. Menith was initially cold and short tempered with the group when they came. He expressed his frustrations, especially when being asked once more if he was a Liche. Despite his temper, the old sage expressed a desire to help the group and a small amount of faith in their competence. Menith pulled out an old spell book and explained that while going through his things he found it and that while he was not as strong as in his youth, he could still be helpful. The party let him know that they would consider traveling with him.

From here they went to meet with Leo and the towns elder. After a short talk, Leo explained that some of the men from an inquisitor’s personal guard had come to Beals and that the inquisitor was in trouble. He’d left to find “The gauntlet of the Slimelord” and never returned. Leo expressed being torn about whether or not to leave as he did not want to abandon his friends in their time of need should hippogriff’s attack. Likewise He wanted to come and save the Inquisitor. Ultimately Leo removed his signet ring to give as proof that they were with the order so that any Inquisitor’s would join them and left the choice to the party. The group decided it would be best for him to stay there and instead took Icette with them to this mysterious cavern.

After 2 days journey the party located the cavern, an old iron mine, and went inside. There was a thick citrus aroma to the mine as the party walked deeper into the earth. Along the way the group found several acid pools before eventually coming to a large room filled to the brim with Acid Slimes!

After a long fight in which the creature split and split and split again, the group found themselves exhausted and staring down multiple paths forward. With 1 day until Bearune is said to arrive and a dungeon full of ooze, the question becomes, what’s next?!?

The Town of Golden Rouge #9

The group of adventurers found themselves in Warok’s Treasure room, dividing up his loot. After handing out the gold and other various items it was time to free the slaves and address the riot’s going on outside.

Leo lined the halls with truth candles and the group freed all of the prisoners. This included their former traveling companions. Oloath in particular became a concern when he demand the keep be given to him and expressed that he would be enacting vengance and slavery on those that stole the keep in the first place. With a heavy heart, the group gave Leo the ok to follow him upstairs and slay the frost giant.

While down in the dungeons, the group was led by Maly to machine she had been trying to repair called the Lazarus table. A table able to raise the dead without the use of divine magics. Seron was immediately concerned that this could fall into the wrong hands and snuck down later that night to change some runes on it. That way she would slow Maly’s progress, but still be able to fix it incase it was needed.

Leo confronted the group about their promise and expressed that he was worried about his home and was ready to save it. He let the group know that if they wanted him to stay, that he wanted them to fulfill their end of the deal. If not, he held them no ill will but was going to leave to find his brothers and save Kiverly. The party agreed to help him out.

The party spent the next week planting Azel berries as the towns food stuff’s would be drained without them constantly raiding. They also set up a new gambling hall and made the former “Slave catcher” the towns new General/Mayor to enforce law while they were out. Likewise they gave Maly the responsibility of ruling while they were away. Finally the group thought that the town needed a proper name. “Golden Rouge” it was doubt in honor of the angels that the group mostly worshiped.

With that said, the party headed out. They first went to the goblin village where they met a man who had frozen all the creatures in place. He explained that he was tired of sending assassins after the group and simply wish to buy the ring the vampires were looking for from Danica. After being questioned. they were told that the bone ring contained a piece of the crimson ring. The vampire continued by explaining that the ring could make it so one of his kind was never hungry again. After dumping out 5,00 gold and making offer after offer, along with veiled threats, the party attack. It was useless however as the vampire was simply an illusion that vanished upon being shot. The gold however was very much real. With that out of the way the group continued on and spoke with the goblin chief who made good on his promise and provided them with a map to the Underdark.

Heading back to Beals, the party camped out. During Seron’s watch a dying man limped up to give a dread message to the party before throwing himself into the flames of their campfire. “In on week’s time, Baerune will come for his vengance”. With that mystery the party is left to wonder, what comes next?

The Mother Fungus and Warok's wrath! #8

The party rushed down the hallway towards the mother fungus and engaged it in combat. The mother fungus summoned forth defenders and soon began to attempt to take over party members. After a short fight however, the group was able to slay the Mother fungus with the Everblade proving that the weapon was the one they had been searching for.

No sooner did the combat with the mother fungus end that another challenger appeared. Forming from mist, the man demand that the group stop what they were doing and come with him. After some backlash from Amos the party found themselves in a fierce some fight with another vampire. Before long the vampire took control of Danica and commanded her to kill the Cleric. Complying she rushed him but in true Danica fashion, hurled her battle axe out of her hands as she swung. Before long the group had beaten the vampire back to mist form and ultimately it was Amos that saved the day, killing it with a blast of positive energy.

After the fight the group walked out to greet the Ogre’s at the entrance when they were greeted by a half naked slave man. He explained that the Ogre sent him in to convince the party to come out and the Ogres were not to bright. Eventually the group agreed and left the keep to be greeted by nearly 30 Ogres and Warok.

Unlike what they had expected, Warok expressed a great respect for the group. He let them know that they had done him a great favor by slaying the Dwarf for him and that he wanted to make them leaders in his army. However this was only if they agreed to give him the Everblade. The group refused but continued to parley with Warok who eventually decided that this was no place for negotiations. Warok invited the party back to his keep for a great feast in their honor to discuss these matters. The group agreed under protest and headed back to Warok’s keep with them.

Along the way, Warok came into the party’s tent and made sure their accommodations were to their liking. He expressed that he was insanely impressed with them, but it was not the right time to discuss it. Instead Warok wanted to know of their lands and to be given more information about the humans living in prime. As they drank with him, he talk a bit about meeting unity on the battlefield and about his ambitions to concur the human lands to the south. This is why he needs the Everblade, to make the conquest go faster.

After their discussion the Ogre left and the party briefly discussed what they were going to do. There was some consideration but ultimately they were still torn, especially Danica.

Once at the Ogre Fortress, the group moved about waiting for the feast. Aenon and their new friend from the ogres walked to the prison to check on their Frost giant and Drow friend who had been forced back into slavery, before relaxing and drinking in Warok’s lounge. Meanwhile Seron re-uped on her narcotic supply and watched another slave auction with Danica. One of the slaves caught the party’s attention and they demanded that the Ogre guard buy it for them in Warok’s name.

From here the party returned to Warok to feast, but Leo was not with them. The group ate while Aenon walked around seizing up the enemies who were unarmed, and playing his bardic songs. Discussions were intense as Warok eventually agreed to allow the group to keep the Everblade long enough to slay the goblin brood. From here they were to return the sword and receive an army from him to take back Kiverly. There was an uncomfortable tension in the air as both sides went back and forth, each trying to get more and keep the Everblade. Eventually an agreement was reached and Warok called forth his court mage Maly to write up the death contract. This made the group very uneasy.

Warok pressed the party to sign. Likewise Unity, who was actively debating the group, pushd them to sign the contract. Danica was to be the first to put signature to paper and walked over to Warok. She hated this plan and knew that it stood against all of her beliefs. Standing between unity and Warok, Danica gave the signal to Seron and the two attack Warok. The stunned Ogre seemed confused and almost offended but soon whirled Unity around the room killing most of it occupants. After a few rounds, the group managed to slay Warok but not before he spoke to Unity. “I agree” he said to the sword before releasing his soul to the demon that was Unity. The two became one and the party found themselves engaged with a very wicked devil looking.

Immediately it was attacked by Danica but soon clapped onto it with his long monstrous crab like claws. From here the monster crushed her shoulders as she screamed in pain. The rest of the party attempted to save her but Even the Everblade could not seem to crack the beasts exoskeleton. In a final act of desperation, Danica prayed to Anachiel who heard her loyal servant. Danica’s axe ignited as she swung it through the air and severed Unity’s arm, before cracking the Devil’s thick armor. At this time, Leo broke down the door to the mess hall and rushed Unity. Seeing her chance, Seron launched a barge of arrows into Unity’s severed stumped. Finally the free’d Human slave they had met from before rushed up and with the Everblade in hand delivered the final blow to Unity who exploded into a million pieces.

With the final blow dealt, chaos could be heard from outside as the party made their way to Warok’s treasury. After cleaning it out, they returned to the mess hall to sort out their next moves and to speak with Maly the court wizard.

Warok Strikes Back #7

The group found themselves heading off to investigate a Frost giant fortress. This fortress was said to be held by a single Dwarf who was keeping out the Ogre’s that had been attacking.

Upon entering, the group was attacked by several Skeletal Frost Giant’s and then a zombie like dwarf, along with several zombie like Drow. As the group fought them, they noticed they the creatures were being controlled by some kind of fungus and were in fact not true undead. Over the course of this fight, Danica was infected with said Fungus.

The group took the night to rest in the dungeon and study the samples of said fungus. Seron was able to conclude that the fungus had to have something issuing the commands, a mother fungus of sorts. So the group decided that if they kill it, while it will not cure Danica it should stop her from being controlled.

Moving forward, the group found themselves staring down an entire great hall filled with the fungus. After much debate on how to get through it the party bucked up and when through the fungus, using wet rags to minimize it’s effects.

After this they found themselves at the Frost Giant’s old treasury where the group too a breather. While looking around the empty room, the party eventually found a secret panel and there behind it was the Everblade.

It was at this point that the group heard a booming voice coming from outside the fortress. It Warok who was quite unhappy with his troops being slain. Warok demanded that the group come out and face him, or he would collapse the entrance to the fortress, trapping them inside. Paying little mind to his threats, the group continued on with their task in mind. To kill the Mother Fungus with the Everblade to both cure Danica and see if it worked.

The Serpent's Tongue #6

The group met together and decided to bring inquisitor Leo with them to the Serpent tongue mountains on their quest to find the Everblade.

Traveling was fast with the group running into no real obstacles on their way aside from the weather. Once making it to the woodline of the mountain chain, the group found a traveler’s trove. Inside there was nothing to valuable with the exception of a magical cooking knife that Aenon took in place of his collapsible bathtub.

After a day or so into the mountains, Seron build an impressive shelter that was soon ambushed by Goblins. The group was hardly effect as Seron and Danica got the jump on the goblins and quickly pacified them.

The goblins explained that they were only trying to steal enough money to buy back their fellow tribesmen who had been captured and sold into slavery. It was at this point that the group learned of the Ogres that were taking over the area. They lead the group to their tribe where one of them, Skiv was badly beaten for bringing outsiders.

The group had words with the leader of the goblins who explained that they like many others were forced from the underdark but the growing goblinoid army. He was untrusting but let them know that the Ogre’s were lead by a fierce war lord Warok who had taken a Frost giant keep and was uniting the tribes of Ogres.

With that said the party left the goblin village and headed toward his keep in hopes of not only freeing the captured goblins, but also in hopes of gaining a new lead on the Everblade. Along the road they encountered some merchant’s heading to the Ogre city. These humans explained that they often brought weapons from Finalle to the Ogre’s in return for furs and other rarities for the mountain chain. After some discussion the party did trade with the group buying a merchant’s loop and another bag of holding and in turn selling a number of their items.

The group left their animals behind after being warned of the Ogre’s distaste for those on horseback and headed into the Ogre city outside of the keep. Here they were greet by some very aggressive guards but ultimately made it in fine after Seron confused one of the guards with some very mixed signals.

Once inside they were warned not to leave the market area or they would face the consequences. The group agreed and went into the market where they found a slave auction going on. Disgusted, the group watched and questioned if they should bid as it would draw attention to themselves. After watching the first slave owner brutally kill one of the goblins he purchased their minds were made up.

The group drew some attention after Seron purchased a frost giant named Oloath and then Aeon purchased both Goblins and a drow named Ardul for large amounts not allowing others to even bid. After the auction ended, Aeon was approached by a Orge who was angry with his show of wealth. The ogre demanded that Aenon give me the slaved. Aenon attempted to barter with him by offering him wine. The ogre who was already drunk took the wine, and still demanded that the slaves be given to him. After Aenon once again refused the ogre threw him o the ground. Leo reached for his weapon as the Ogre continued to harass Aenon but wiping his muddy feet on him before Seron stepped in and stared the Ogre down. He decided it wasn’t worth it and poured the rest of the wine out on Aenon before spitting on him and walking off.

The group decided that they were going to take their new slaves out to talk to them while Leo stayed behind to gather information. the goblins were released and the party started by talking to Oloath. He explained that he was part of a raid that attempted to take back the fortress and fail but wanted nothing more than vengeance. Next was Ardul who was busy praying. She explained that she was a kidnapped priestess though she was clearly stand-offish.

Leo returned that night and explained that after a few fights, he found that the goblins were being kept at a locations close to the city. He also warned that the groups new companions were very evil and to watch them.

With this new information the group headed toward the Ogre camp. Once there Seron and Danica snuck in to free the slaves, while Aenon created a distraction through song! eventually however one of the Ogres no in the song caught Seron and combat broke out. Leo, Seron, Danica, and Aeon fought until only the leader was left. He attempted to run, but a crack shot from Seron the Ogre was stopped. From here the group interrogated they learned of the leader Warok and his godlike weapon Unity. It became clear to them that the Ogre’s seemed to worship Unity as a god. They also found the the weak point in the fortress was a sewer passage passage. Turning their backs, Leo killed the warlord and the group was off.

The Inquisitor Leo #5

The party continued moving toward the town of Match in hopes of finding the last volume of the Everblade story. While heading up the snow began to become overwhelming but through some cleaver use of rope, Danica and Amos were able to craft improved tires for her war chariot.

The party eventually made there way to the town after running across the remains of several frozen zombie corpses. Once inside, the group broke up and explored the town. For the most party the town was ruined, with graffiti everywhere and clear evidence that there had been people there recently. Inside the main tower, Amos was able to find a large cache of books and with the help of Seron was able to find what they were looking for.

No sooner did the party step outside did they get immediately attacked by a swarm of undead and a large skeletal dragon. As the group did battle with the creatures, Seron noticed a man on the towns wall casting a spell of sorts. Serons wolf quickly ripped the man’s robe off only for him to burst into flames when exposed to the sunlight. Searching his remains, the group found his robe generated darkness and that he was carrying a note mentioning that the one with the ring would be traveling with an elf.

The party cleaned up and took off toward Beals. Once in Beals, the party returned Ari’s artifact. The horns soon blew and signaled that someone was at the gates. It was an Inquisitor. The group recognized him as Inquisitor Leo. Leo was clearly inquired and exhausted. Once inside there was no time for celebration, he wanted to talk to the group.

Taking them to a home in the back of the town, Leo sat them around a candle of truth and began to question them. Despite questioning each other back and forth for quite sometime, very little was learned from one another. Leo did have some insights on other members of his order but nothing substantial. After finally calming down, Leo returned to his normal self and stopped grilling the group even going so far as to offer to join them. Like the Wood guard Leo assured them that if they helped him out, he would be more than willing to assist them.

The Woodguard Return #4

The party began by returning to the home of Menith . Along the way the group ran across the Wood Guard from Kiverly. They came looking for Seron and Danica, but not to arrest them. The guard captain, Bradford, instead wanted to ask for the group’s help.

He explained that after the group ran, The inquisition was sent off in different directions to find them. With every inquisitor gone, the plague spread and the emperor locked himself up. Soon the town was sieged by horrific beast caused by the plague. Bradford and a small group of men barely escaped and began looking for Danica and Seron.

The Wood guard offered to help the party with their liche issue and to guard the town of Beals if they helped them find the missing inquisitors. The group agreed and told the Wood group to meet them in Beals.

From here the group went to confront Menith about the accusations of the Liche. He explained that it was nonsense. Menith then went on to research the Undieing with the groups help. He discovered that the title of Cerebremsis could be stripped from a liche by poisoning him with a non-intelligent brain. This would cause the spirit to leave the liche but they would still have to deal with the liche.

Menith refused to say at his home and told the party that they would be taking him somewhere safe since he blamed them for this. They agreed and made their way to Beals. Along the way the group met an old woman who read their fortunes. Danica was told that death followed her and would be killing those close to her, while Seron was given a heroic destiny.

Once in Beals it was clear that the Woodguard were making a difference. They began putting up walls, helping to rebuild, and defending the city against what looked like more goblin attacks. The group held up here for a few days be deciding to head to the town of Match to find a library.

Along the road they met an injured man named Ari. Ari explained that his things were stolen by goblins and asked for the groups help. They agreed and followed the goblin tracks to an abondon mine shaft. The miners looked to have dug into a crypt that the guard began to explore.

In the crypt they were attack but vermin and undead. Soon they discover that this was the rest place of a demon from the apocalypse. Xix was it’s name and after a long hard fight, they defeated him and found Ari’s things. With his gear intact, the group left the mine and once again head up toward Match.

Cerebremsis #3

The party defeated the bodak behind the red door and left to head back to Menith’s shack.

Upon arriving, Menith was greatful for the wine and informed the party of what he know about the Everblade. The weapon was only mentioned in an ancient story about an antihero going about the land and trying to overthrough a king. Menith stated a strong distaste for the author and let them know that the tale was not complete. He needed the second volume to guide the party further.

The night the group came upon a well equipped ogre riding a direbear. After some talk they learned that he was having dreams about what sounded like Sabriel and may be a paladin in the making. His name was Gronn. The party asked Gronn to join them as they were both after the Everblade.

The party decided their best bet to find the book was a keep a few days from their location. Along the roads they met a halfling who was a follower of Khalia. After offering him food, he talked to them a bit and gave them a shiny stone to say thank you.

Once at Fort north the group noticed something was off. Gronn waited outside while the rest of the party entered in only to find a library of Brains in jars. At this point a Lich came out to greet them. He explained that he was Cerebremsis on of the The Undieing. He also stated that he was not going to harm them but was after Menith’s brain. He sent them on their way implying the Menith was like him in some way and that they need to bring his brain back to Cerebremsis.

And so the party took off from Fort North trying to decide who to side with and what comes next.


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