A crystal Giant Greatsword with a heart for Slaughter

weapon (melee)

+ 3 / + 3 Keen Crystal Greatsword

Can fly and strike multiple opponents when asked to after a pact is formed.


Unity is a demonic weapon that is drawn to those near death.

The greatsword is 9 1/2 feet long from hilt to tip. The blade itself is made of pure crystal that is nearly indestructible. Around it’s long handle are several chains that are intended to be attached to the wielders body.

The sword can not be separated from the user unless it wills itself to do do so. The wielder of Unity may throw the blade accurately, or perform a whirlwind attack using these chains. During these attacks, the chains extend and retract to return the weapon to the owner. While spinning the chains will extend up to 30 feet and the blade will dance about enemies so as to not get tangled. Like the crystal blade, this chain can not be broken.

This weapon can also be used to build bridges, act as a grapple, or even be extended to tie up a victim.


Mino-Cross Conith