Staff of Death

A staff capable of reaping even the gods


The Staff of death is a long golden staff with a black stripe spiraling around it from one end to the other. At its head is a large circlar spiral that circles around getting thinner and thinner until finally stopping . This weapon has the ability to kill the gods as well as anything that it touches granting the ability to kill at a range (Anywhere they can think) or instantly with a touch. This staff may only do so a limited number to times however and with each charge used fueling it’s sister staff, the staff of life.

This staffs was first depicted in the hands of Barchiel and Sofiel who wielded it with great authority though it is said the weapon was sticken from them do to server abuse. Regardless of this, they are now in the possession of the dragon Alandra and the Elven druid Azel.

Staff of Death

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