A weapon created to serve Douglas

weapon (melee)

Type: Bastard Sword
Bonuses: 5/5
Ego: 28
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 14
Cha: 20
Languages: Common, Celestial, Orc
At Will: Finger of death (120 hp) DC (22) Fort
Unknown: Timestop
Movement: Flight 10 feet
Senses: 120 feet


Nova is a shimmering bastard sword of eminence beauty. With a long white blade that has a light glow about it and a massive blue gem in it’s hilt, Nova is true a site to see.

The weapon began it’s life as a shop forged blade weapon made of inferior steel. After being purchased by the Magus Douglas, he instantly fell in long with the blade making it his signature weapon.

After month’s of adventuring, Douglas began to enhance the weapon largely with the assistance of Fabian, the crazed Gnome. Each enhancement made Nova sharper and deadlier until finally Fabian began requiring stronger and stronger components. Virgin’s blood, Essence of innocents, Etc.

Before giving Nova it’s final enhancement, Fabian warned Douglass that without the proper steps, Nova would gain sentience. Douglas decided this was for the best and thus Nova was awakened.

After adding a yellow mana Stone, Nova awakened becoming a very sternly speaking weapon who’s true strength has not yet been established.


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