Immortal Mail

Armor of the god Azerus that makes its wearer unstopable


Stage 1:

+3 Halfplate
DR 5 / Good
The wearer is always under the effects of the spell Globe of Invulnerability


Like the sword of Souls, This armor is a gift given to the Champion of Azerus to help in their path to destruction. The armor envelopes the wearer driving them more insane, those still able to explain the feeling describe the armor as cause paranoia, as though the people around them want to take the armor for themselves. Wearers of the Armor never remove it and become very possessive of their items, eventually getting to a point of killing those around them for simply looking or commenting on the armor itself.

Update session 49

After the sword of souls broke, the Immortal mail soon followed.

Immortal Mail

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