A thousand year old sword of fire

weapon (melee)

HeiB is a artifact longsword with a highly decorative handle and pommel. The blade itself is a bright orange and red color like steal that has been pulled from the forge. The weapon is cool to the wielders touch but still lets off enough heat to distort the air around it.


HieB was a weapon that had been in the Firewell family line for hundred’s of years. After the death of Jason Firewell the weapon was pasted on to Order of The Dawn by Lord Firewell to as a gift, to slain Glintooth with. The Order decided it would be best served in the hands of Sir Dogface.

Update Session 17

After the betrayal of Platypus, Quinn drew HieB from Dogface’s corpse and defeated her with the weapon. When the party was resurrected by Dogface decided that HieB would be best used in the hands of Quinn and left it with him as a parting gift to remeber his order by.

Current owner

  • Quinn – Paragon of the Red


Mino-Cross Conith