Green Stone of Power

Ultimate Gem of Dispel


Looking through the stone*
While looking through the stone does active it’s power, there is no information on how to control which of it’s many effects occur.

The Green Stone’s “known” powers
-Can see through all magic illusions
-Can see things as they truely are (Ghost appear as balls of energy, polymorphed creature appear in their true forms, etc)
-Can make the truth perminant once seen
-Can dispel immortality from a creature
-Can create an anti magic field that even gods can not cast through.


The Green stone of power is one of a set of 9 Stones of power. The stone itself in a largge green prism big enough to be looked through with both eyes. It is said that whenever it’s wielder looks through the gem, they are able to see through the illusions of magic. More importantly, when it’s user looks through the stone and sees this truth, he may then make it into reality.
This powerful dispel is also said to have the ability to render even a god mortal.

While not much is known about the stones origin, it was last said to be in a deep dungeon south of Orelle guarded by a massive stone Hydra. It was orginally the plan of the demon lord Viles to gather this stone, as well as the others to assist in a ritual to open the Hellgate. After discovering that Drake Flangard was in possession of a rather large piece of Frenzied this plan was aborted and the green stone was never found.


After a fierce fought Battle, The Green Stone of Power was destroyed by Anachiel, sealing Trog Bosbanes magic.

Green Stone of Power

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