Gloves of the Slimeking

Glove that allow for the summoning and controlling of Ooze


Form 1

Summons last 10 rounds
Summons 2d4+6:
Garden Ooze
Amber Ooze
Summons 1d4 +4
Whip Jelly
Tar Jelly
Gelatinous Orb
Summons 1d4 +1
Emerald Ooze
Stun Jelly
Gelatinous Cube
Summons 2
Crystal Ooze
Gray Ooze
Summons 1
White Pudding
Metallic Ooze

Can dominate Ooze up to 10 HD, no save


The glove of the Slimeking is a silver platemail glove with a large sapphire gem in it’s center. The gem can be removed revealing a large hole within the gauntlet doing so stops the glove itself from working. Any other gems placed into this opening will be consumed by the glove of the Slimeking. When enough gems have been consumed the glove will change into it’s next form.

Gloves of the Slimeking

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