Crimson Ring of the First


The Crimson ring is actually a series of 5 thin red rings that form together into on ring. Wearing the ring for an extended period of time will cause the wearers finger to slowly die. Eventually the finger becomes a rotten black color and falls off. Removing the ring will reverse these effects.


This ring causes the user’s spells to gain the “blood” descriptor.

Spells cast using this ring have a crimson mist color to them.

If a creature is affected by one of these spells they must make an additional Fort save of 25 or be drained of 3d6 blood.

The ring bearer may recover damage dealt this way by ingesting the blood as a free action.
The ring bearer may instead to use this blood to recover the spell he/she just cast.

As a standard action the ring bearer may use the ring to pull blood from a target. They must succeed a Fort save of 25 or take 5d6 damage (range 200 feet) This damage may be used to recover a spell or to heal the ring bearer.

Crimson Ring of the First

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