Circlet of the Dragon Queen

A religious kobold Artifact


The Circlet of the Dragon Queen is a powerful religous artifact to the Kobold of Oas. The Circle itself is silver with oranate wireing. At it’s peak is a jeweled dragon scale that is quite stunning to look at.


Little is known about the power behind the Circlet as of now.

- When Placed upon Aladra’s head, 4 huge Chromatic Dragon Heads sprouted from her body.
– Alandra could control, sense, speak, and think using the dragon heads as her own.
– While wearing the Circlet Alandra exibited a powerful evil aura
– Alandra thoughts turned to all the things she could do with such a power


The Circlet was found beneath the Fortress of the Order of the dawn in a decorative box. According to Kobold reports, this fortress was built on holy ground and the Artifact is the crown of the orginal founder of the Fang.

Where abouts

Since discovering the Circlet, Dogface removed the artifact by forced from Alandra’s head and hid the head piece in Jerrico Cave. After riding back to Bend Point, the merchant Tabit dropped by and is not in possession of the Circlet.

Update session 16

The Circlet was recover from the Kobold Glintooth and is now in possession of the ORder of the Dawn’s guild member Alandra.

Circlet of the Dragon Queen

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