Celestial Warp Egg (Eggbert)

A Powerful Ferge Egg containing the soul of a true hero



Supreme teleport 5/day
Supreme Planar shift 5/day
Teleport (Infinate)
Telepathy Dc (25) to resist

Upon contact with an evil outsider:

If either would kill the outside on its home plane, the outsider is instead destroyed. If the plane was created by the destroyed creature the plane is destroyed as well.

Lesser (less then 20 HD)

Supreme Banishment DC (20) This DC increases by 1 for every 10 damage the creature has taken

Greater (20 or more HD)

Final Sacrifice: Deals 200 points of damage to every evil outside in a 30 foot radius, no save And DC (30) or be banished for 100 years


Celestial Warp Eggs are powerful divine artifacts that hold the souls of truely good Heroes who gave thier lives for a greater good. After death, the champion is given the option of making the ultimate sacrife turning themselves into one of goods ultimate weapons. If the Hero accepts, a moment is made for them within the Celestial planes and they are thrown a celebration having thier every desire satified before becoming a Celestial Warp Egg. Afterwards, thier soul is bonding into a stunning Ferge Egg that is carried with the Celestial that crafted it. The eggs themselves are capiable of teleporting thier owner and the owner’s companions great distances (even across planes) though thier ultimate use is as a gernade to wick an evil being out of existance. Exploding the warp egg however destroys the soul of both the hero and of the demon.

Warp Eggs are rarely crafted as the Celestials rarely choose to deal in absolutes. Those still in existance are all reminates from the Second Rise of the Damned that nearly unmade existance. Though a Celestial would never give up such a precious artifact, a few of these Eggs have made thier way onto the mortal plane. These eggs that have found thier way to the Mortal plane generally seek justice and to destroy lesser demons on the plane. Due to the Zeolousness of these Souls to fulfill thier destiny accounts from those unfortunate enough to have run across a Celestial Warp Egg and live tell tales of being mislead into the depths of hell to left behind.


The Warp Egg located by the Order of the Dawn was found within a Gnomish was infact Eggbert. A Celestial Warp Egg containing the soul of Sir Trog Bosebanes long time companion who died during the Battle of Jane’s Plantation. Due to the sealing process, EggBert was without clear memory of it’s former life like most Celestial warp egg’s however the after reading his mind eggbert’s memories were returned and he is back to complete the cause Barchiel orginally called him for.

Celestial Warp Egg (Eggbert)

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