Angel statue of Weather Control

A weather controling Statue


The statue has the ability to cause a number of different weather effects over an area of 5 miles.
- If the statue is not used each day it randomly selects a weather
- The statue can set to maintain a weather for a certian number of days before going back to random
1-5: Intense sunlight (110 degree weather)
6-10: Sunny
11-15: Cloudy
16-20: Dreary
21-25: Blacken skys with clouds
26-30: Misty
31-35: Light rain in hour long intervues
36-40: Medium rain In hour long intervues
41-55: Heavy rains
56-60: Windy
61-65: Very Windy
66-70: Snow that doesnt stick
71-75: Snow that Sticks
76-80: Sleet
81-85: Hail (small)
85-90: Hail (Golfball)
91-92: Hail (basketball sized)
93-94: Blizzard
95-96: Flood
97-98: Huricane
99: Tornado (1d6 determines the call on a 6 roll twice)
100: Roll Again


The Statue of Weather Controll is an artifact of the Angel of the light Blue. The statue itself is made in her image and stands about 3 feet tall. Its made of a heavy marble though the stone is of a sea blue color. The statue is exceptions heavy and would be impractical to carry though it.


The Statue currently resides in the Mage’s Laboratory for the order of the Dawn, where it is being actively studied.

Angel statue of Weather Control

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