Zealots and prayers #12

The party found themselves traveling back to Beals after the conflict with Baerune. Along the path, the party was stopped by a group of men in thick living bone armor that appeared to be made of Remains.

The group explained that they were after a ring that the party was in possession of to give to Alandra as a gift. They explained that they needed it to assist her in her fight for the underworld.

As the party set off to discuss what to do, Icett hit the ground and began to speak in tongues. Seron rushed to comfort her and join with the rest of the party in prayer for guidance on what to do.

Amos invited the group over to discuss their intentions a bit more, while sitting at the fire with these men. While not directly threaten, they did inform the group that they could not let them continue on without handing over the ring.

It was at this point that one of the men’s clothing burst into flame violent. After this his fiends and Amos tried desperately to put out the fire but were not successful as the men were reduced to charred corpses in a matter of seconds.

Amos had a bit of a break down mentally at this point. He had recieved the sign from the gods he so desperately had been looking for, but it made him question both his own importance and the importance of everything.

After burying the corpses, the group moved on and soon found themselves in Beals. Nikoli left to meet with Leo and the rest of the group took off to say hello to their companions. Gronn was talking about construction and how he did not hear from the angel lately. But the group did take him out to start on a boat. Undoubtedly their intention was to begin building their airship.

Later that night, the town throw a large party to celebrate Nikoli coming back. It was clear from talking to the Leaf guard that they were still confused about Azel’s message but for the first time in awhile, they seemed happy. Seron spent the night awkwardly flirting with Leo, the bard Aenon played songs, and Amos was alone with his thoughts. During this time, the village elder introduced the party to (Gnome). He explained that he was a member of the Order of The Dawn and was sent here to prove himself worthy to be in their ranks.

The party seemed to welcome him full heartily and he soon spent the rest of the night talking with Danica about Oas and bonding. The next morning the group looked over their options and decided that their best bet was to head to the broken tower described by Leo when they first met. There they hoped to find the next inquisitor. Bringing their new gnome friend with them, the party headed out.



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