Ya dun Goof'd !

Session 28

Time past – 8 days

The Session began with the order all coming together around Peter and then Teleporting to Mt Daye. Outside of the cavern leading to the angels was no different then thier last visit, a dark forest of gnarled trees leading to the mountains massive tunnel. The party cautiously entered remember their their last encounter here and allowing Petter to function both as their light and as their guide. Creatures lurked in the shadows as they moved up the stairs until they finally reached the top of the caverns stairwell (an hour walk). Douglass taunted the beasts throwing glowing stones toward them, but the beasts only withdrew. Peter moved forward, unlocking the massive gilded doors and the Order moved into the Angel’s Sanctuary. Mother Rebekah greeted them and lead the group into the main room that was now shaped to look like a huge interactive map of Oas. Barchiel spoke through the priestess, explaining that the Dawn must go to the Mainland to recover the Green stone of power as it had the potential to destroy the Bubble and bring about the end of days.

The Ocean between the two continents however is a 6 month venture through trechous waters with the potential of detection by the Demon forces, or a labyrinth of shallow shores with sharp reefs. As such, the angel’s reach the descision together to send Maelriel. Being a deity however basicly would paint a large target upon the order, and thus Maelriel chose to sacrifice his divinity so that the Order might travel to the Mainland. The angels explained that the party had exactly 1 week to prepare and say their goodbyes. They were to meet with Maelriel in Hartville at this time before boarding the boat. Taking a knee, Maelriels wings were diced off in one swift blow by Anachiel. The former angel of the blue then dawned a hooded robe, teleported the party to O’neil and began the long walk south.

From here, Alandra left to visit Sarloth who had been slaving away to finish her Phalactry and begin the process of sealing her draconic soul, while replacing it with a blank elven soul. While she awaited the process, Douglass decided to go to speak with the McTiers. Once there, Douglass expressed his thanks for their support and gave his apologizes for their lose. The McTiers were distressed, explaining that with the actions of the undead and the Mage’s guilds rise to power that they were going to once again practice necromancy. The meeting ended and Douglass said goodbye. During this time, the rest of the adventures explored the town and geared up for thier quest to the Mainland buying potions, armor, weapon, and tinkets. Above all else, everyone bought food for the journey.

Alandra then decided to go speak with Lord O’neal ,she needed his ring. Alandra entered the keep and found the Frederick. After a few heated words, Alandra let this slip that the party was on a mission to stop both [[H. Burnman | Burnman]] Slick, and the ultimate evil. Without hesitation, Fred yelled to his boy and Alandra was fascinated, Sean then went from party member to party member fascinating them and bringing them to the keep. Fred then locked all the doors and began to rant as he ate Royal Jelly on toast. Fred had Sean release the party members and explained that if Slick and Burnman were involved that things would be troublesome. He also mentioned that it was only a matter of time before the Mage’s guild found out about this and used it to gain even more political power. Lane then began to question the Lord about Sabriel when he explained that the last time he saw the angel was when she was attack his wife after being dominated by Burnman.

Fred left the room after his rant to the party, give Alandra Celes’s ring back. As Lord O’neal exited he could be heard yelling for his knights to ready an army. With this news Sir Still was confused and left to Mt. Daye to confront the Black.

(I hate Doing this but i gotta cut it short… DAMN BURNMAN!!!))

1) So Here’s what happened. Lane has an epic conversation about the nature of faith with Barchiel. He figures out that with or without a god that faith is about the principals not the deity.
2) Douglass talks to the McTiers, its a great conversations. Their gonna be necromancers again so O’neal can have magic support and are sad about it.
3) Alandra got a Familiar and became a witch, as well Barchiel appears to want her to become a paragon of the Black
4) Mages came looking for the party, They escaped out a window but then saw the Inquisitors arguing with the guards. Screaming turned into punching that turned into lightning bolts. Trog lost it and impaled one of them. The party killed the others. Douglass attempted to steal the bodies invisibly to prevent a civil war, the guards were not happy. Lane almost attacked the guards but the party then took off running, after finding Alandra they teleported.
5) The party had a sweet time relaxing the rest of the week at Azels sanctuary before boarding the boat to go to the mainland.



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