Warok Strikes Back #7

The group found themselves heading off to investigate a Frost giant fortress. This fortress was said to be held by a single Dwarf who was keeping out the Ogre’s that had been attacking.

Upon entering, the group was attacked by several Skeletal Frost Giant’s and then a zombie like dwarf, along with several zombie like Drow. As the group fought them, they noticed they the creatures were being controlled by some kind of fungus and were in fact not true undead. Over the course of this fight, Danica was infected with said Fungus.

The group took the night to rest in the dungeon and study the samples of said fungus. Seron was able to conclude that the fungus had to have something issuing the commands, a mother fungus of sorts. So the group decided that if they kill it, while it will not cure Danica it should stop her from being controlled.

Moving forward, the group found themselves staring down an entire great hall filled with the fungus. After much debate on how to get through it the party bucked up and when through the fungus, using wet rags to minimize it’s effects.

After this they found themselves at the Frost Giant’s old treasury where the group too a breather. While looking around the empty room, the party eventually found a secret panel and there behind it was the Everblade.

It was at this point that the group heard a booming voice coming from outside the fortress. It Warok who was quite unhappy with his troops being slain. Warok demanded that the group come out and face him, or he would collapse the entrance to the fortress, trapping them inside. Paying little mind to his threats, the group continued on with their task in mind. To kill the Mother Fungus with the Everblade to both cure Danica and see if it worked.



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