The Orcish Horde

Session 5

Days past – 2

Last time on Barachiel’s chosen…

The party awoke to find their roguish friend was missing. After informing one another, the party went outside the Wirey Mast to find the owner of the Smith and Harp waiting to greet them and thanked them for the return of Spearamint. Shortly after, the team was greeted by one of the Wrieth House Guard .

The House guard led them to Lord Wrieth who was sparring with his son in the courtyard of Fort Wrieth. Lord Wrieth then explained to the party that he was aware of an oncoming Kobold conflict but that he was basically powerless to send any real troops to aid them due to red tape he was facing from the noble families in the region. Instead, Lord Wrieth proposed the party go to Jane’s plantation and fend off the incoming Kobold army with the help one of his captains. Of Lord Wrieth’s available captains, the party chose Alicia Droggle. Alicia is a soft spoken woman, until it comes to handling her troops.

Capt. Alicia then brought her soldiers to the Wirey Mast to introduce them to the party they’d be working for. When the party met them, her squad of soldiers consisted of 32 green skinned Orcish barbarians that Alicia had recruited from “the other side” while in O’niel.

What adventures await our heroes?
Can the Orcish barbarians be trusted?
Will the Kobold ever be stopped?
This and more next session…..



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