Tower of Heaven #13

The party found themselves heading out toward an abandon tower per the instructions of Leo. With them the group brought their new travelling companion Sir Finigan. The travel was mostly easy going and along the way the group met up with a troup of travelling merchants being defended by some caravan guards. After doing some business with them, the group continued on toward the tower. There were few distractions along the way and Seron even ended bounding with Icette over Tarot readings.

Nearing the tower, the party began to see signs of a large predator. There were dead animals, burned by acid, and corpses torn in half. It was at this point that the party knew these were the actions of a Dragon of some kind. This made Finigan uneasy as he refused to sleep and remained completely armored. After getting closer to the tower, Seron was able to Identify that the dragon was in fact a drake of sorts. With that knowledge the party approached the tower and which was cover in flying jellyfish.

Soon a battle to place with Danica rushing the jelly fish and Seron downing the dragon with arrows through it’s wings. Sir Finigan finished the job by running it through before coming to help Danica who had all but destroyed the remaining Jelly fish.

Once inside the tower, the group found their inquisitor kneeling before a statue of Sabriel praying. Seeing the group with Leo’s ring, the inquisitor bowed his head and accepted that they were there to kill him. After a brief explanation, The inquisitor came to the conclusion that the group was sent there by the will of Sabriel. He also revealed that his last name was Hippogrif meaning that from his perspective, Gron’s prophecy was about him. While the rest of the party was not as sure, the inquisitor was certain and renounced his faith to Azel.

The group returned with no trouble on the roads to Beals where they found Gron still plugging away at his boat. The inquisitor reunited with his former brothers and they all went off for a chat. A short time later, the group was taken back but the inquisitors all fighting and storming off in different directions. It was at this time that Danica received a book from Menith about Azel when she was still a mortal. Danica gave the book to a very down Leo and explained it might help.

Later that night Seron awoke to a loud knocking coming from outside her door. Upon opening the door she found Leo standing outside in the rain, half shaven and drunk. He broke down to her and telling her that she was right all along and that he thought the inquisitors had been following Azel wrong. He explained that he was confused and alone. He told her of Azel trials, dungeons designed to test the worthiness of Azel’s followers. He then pleaded her as a friend to help him find one of these trials so that he might find his truth….



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