The Woodguard Return #4

The party began by returning to the home of Menith . Along the way the group ran across the Wood Guard from Kiverly. They came looking for Seron and Danica, but not to arrest them. The guard captain, Bradford, instead wanted to ask for the group’s help.

He explained that after the group ran, The inquisition was sent off in different directions to find them. With every inquisitor gone, the plague spread and the emperor locked himself up. Soon the town was sieged by horrific beast caused by the plague. Bradford and a small group of men barely escaped and began looking for Danica and Seron.

The Wood guard offered to help the party with their liche issue and to guard the town of Beals if they helped them find the missing inquisitors. The group agreed and told the Wood group to meet them in Beals.

From here the group went to confront Menith about the accusations of the Liche. He explained that it was nonsense. Menith then went on to research the Undieing with the groups help. He discovered that the title of Cerebremsis could be stripped from a liche by poisoning him with a non-intelligent brain. This would cause the spirit to leave the liche but they would still have to deal with the liche.

Menith refused to say at his home and told the party that they would be taking him somewhere safe since he blamed them for this. They agreed and made their way to Beals. Along the way the group met an old woman who read their fortunes. Danica was told that death followed her and would be killing those close to her, while Seron was given a heroic destiny.

Once in Beals it was clear that the Woodguard were making a difference. They began putting up walls, helping to rebuild, and defending the city against what looked like more goblin attacks. The group held up here for a few days be deciding to head to the town of Match to find a library.

Along the road they met an injured man named Ari. Ari explained that his things were stolen by goblins and asked for the groups help. They agreed and followed the goblin tracks to an abondon mine shaft. The miners looked to have dug into a crypt that the guard began to explore.

In the crypt they were attack but vermin and undead. Soon they discover that this was the rest place of a demon from the apocalypse. Xix was it’s name and after a long hard fight, they defeated him and found Ari’s things. With his gear intact, the group left the mine and once again head up toward Match.



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