The Unbinding Ritual

Session 44

Days Past – 1

With the Party on the back of Sheila, Marcos jetted through the cracked “bubble” and rushed back to his home. After a few teleports, the party found themselves at Marcos’s Mansion where he took them into his laboratory explaining that he would need samples of each of their blood.

Naturally the group was uneasy about this and bombard the Wizard about his intentions, what he could do with the blood, and why he was so insistent on getting it. Marcos reassured them that with their blood he could not only track the group, but perform a powerful summoning of them to pull them from threat of death if the plans were to fail.

After taking about a pint of blood from each party member, Marcos led them to his library were he allowed Douglass to copy his spellbook, and Alandra to commune with his familiar. While doing this marcos pelted them with various scrolls to assist them on the mission at hand. Explaining that he himself was capable of making the Divinity serum, the wizard pointed the group toward their next goal, retrieving a ring with a Purple stone of power in it.

Marcos also revealed to them his ultimate plan. Marcos rolled out an ancient piece of parchment with the most powerful unsummoning spell ever created on it. In order to achieve this spell the group would Need to:
-Have an Antimagic source strong enough to close the hell gate
Joining in the ritual required:
-Ability to cast 6th level arcane spells
-To make a spell craft of 30+ each round
To complete the spell it would take:
-Total Spell craft score of around 2,500 and only 30+ checks would contribute to the spell.
Once that was complete an exorcism would be needed:
-Required a 1,00 total knowledge religion (or other exorcism related) check with only 30+ Contributing

With this in mind the party exited Marcos’s home and set forth toward Finalle



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