The Trials of Azel #14 + #15 + #16

The party located the closest of the trials of Azel and made off toward the keep Salt Mist. Talking with them Leo and Menith, the group set off for the long trip ahead. The group may or may not have befriended a golem who logic his way into traveling with them!

Once at Salt Mist, the group entered inside and was immediately attacked by a large wormlike monster that shot fireballs over the castle walls. The group fought the worm, who eventually retreated to the underground. Entering into the keep, the group fought several ghost before eventually running across the ghost of the Lord of the keep, a McTire.

The ghost then explained that the others haunt the house after their horrible deaths and that their moaning and screams made it hard for him to haunt the keep himself. He offered to tell the group where the trial was if they could kill the ghost so he could get some rest. Naturally the party did and went from room to room slaying the ghost before returning to Lord McTire. He explained that the trial was in a hidden passage under the nursery. At some point before returning to see Mctire, the group climbed one of the towers of keep and fought the worm one final time. The worm had wrapped itself around the tower threatening to bring it down.

After a brief searching of the McTire’s treasure room, the party went down into the trial. The trial was more a series of combats then anything else . At the end, there was a large field with one sacred tree and a ton of King’s root. Leo ingested the root in an attempt to trigger a vision and in doing so collapsed. While this was all going on, the group was attack by more guardians. Eventually however Leo awoke with new knowledge and understanding that they were all wrong. At first Leo could not talk, but eventually the former inquisitor began to open up about the things that he’d seen on his spirit quest.

After returning to Beals, the group split and met with their various friends. In the church of the red, Marcellous explained to the group that Nikolia and several other high ranking inquisitors he’d been fighting with had mysteriously chosen to leave town. He then introduced the party to a new comer to the town that chose to join the group for now.

After this, Danica left the church to speak with Gron who had finished the airship. Unfortunately Gron built the ship to large and it was determined that there was not enough power with the mana stone they had to make it fly.

While this was occurring, Seron was across town with Icette and Leo trying to make sense of his visions. Leo came to the conclusion that a war was coming and that he was to be a soldier in it. That the world eater curse was sent to punish his people for poorly worshiping Azel, and that he needed to take up the mantle of the paladin as a follower of Bahamut who gladly accepted him.

Later that night Icette spoke with Azel about a request she had regarding her family. Icette wanted the group to escort her to the grave site of her father within the Highhills. This was a particularly interesting proposal for the group as the Highhills were know to be the #1 spot to mine raw manastone.

Finally the night ended with Leo coming to meet with Seron to ask her out on a date. He was awkward and unsure of himself, but for once he was honest about his feelings. Luckily for him, she said yes.



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