The Town of Golden Rouge #9

The group of adventurers found themselves in Warok’s Treasure room, dividing up his loot. After handing out the gold and other various items it was time to free the slaves and address the riot’s going on outside.

Leo lined the halls with truth candles and the group freed all of the prisoners. This included their former traveling companions. Oloath in particular became a concern when he demand the keep be given to him and expressed that he would be enacting vengance and slavery on those that stole the keep in the first place. With a heavy heart, the group gave Leo the ok to follow him upstairs and slay the frost giant.

While down in the dungeons, the group was led by Maly to machine she had been trying to repair called the Lazarus table. A table able to raise the dead without the use of divine magics. Seron was immediately concerned that this could fall into the wrong hands and snuck down later that night to change some runes on it. That way she would slow Maly’s progress, but still be able to fix it incase it was needed.

Leo confronted the group about their promise and expressed that he was worried about his home and was ready to save it. He let the group know that if they wanted him to stay, that he wanted them to fulfill their end of the deal. If not, he held them no ill will but was going to leave to find his brothers and save Kiverly. The party agreed to help him out.

The party spent the next week planting Azel berries as the towns food stuff’s would be drained without them constantly raiding. They also set up a new gambling hall and made the former “Slave catcher” the towns new General/Mayor to enforce law while they were out. Likewise they gave Maly the responsibility of ruling while they were away. Finally the group thought that the town needed a proper name. “Golden Rouge” it was doubt in honor of the angels that the group mostly worshiped.

With that said, the party headed out. They first went to the goblin village where they met a man who had frozen all the creatures in place. He explained that he was tired of sending assassins after the group and simply wish to buy the ring the vampires were looking for from Danica. After being questioned. they were told that the bone ring contained a piece of the crimson ring. The vampire continued by explaining that the ring could make it so one of his kind was never hungry again. After dumping out 5,00 gold and making offer after offer, along with veiled threats, the party attack. It was useless however as the vampire was simply an illusion that vanished upon being shot. The gold however was very much real. With that out of the way the group continued on and spoke with the goblin chief who made good on his promise and provided them with a map to the Underdark.

Heading back to Beals, the party camped out. During Seron’s watch a dying man limped up to give a dread message to the party before throwing himself into the flames of their campfire. “In on week’s time, Baerune will come for his vengance”. With that mystery the party is left to wonder, what comes next?



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