The Town of Bend Point

Session 19

Days passed: 5

As the party returned to their guild hall, they noticed that Bend Point had a ton of construction going on. They met up with the survives of Platypus’s attack and found that William Lightfoot had been standing in as guildmaster until Sir Stills returned. He granted Permission to Thomas Thicketts to build a general store on the guilds land in return for the merchants working the rivers.

In addition to these changes, there were two new guild mates awaiting the guild. Lucky the Gladiator and Stewart the Ranger. Lane’s first order of business was to send Gums off to find the order a herald, After that Dogface and Lane sent Lucky North to by lumber and Stewart South to get a carpenter/recruit folks to the new city. While this was going on, Veronica informed the guild that she was to no longer be a a member of the order but rather an appentice under Alandra.

The NExt Morning the Order was met by a young girl who requested help. She stated that she was from a near by farm and that requested help Slaying a Hill giant that had been destroying her families crops. There was also a messanger from the Fireseeds, he requested help with the restorations to the town of Muddy Creek. The Order decided to go to the Farm first and slayed the Giant and Weeping Cavern. Afterwards the Party left for Muddy creek where they eventually came upon a hidden temple. Once inside the party began getting attacked by undead and elemental, After getting to a room with Water Elementals, Content Not Found: trog-b-sebane was badly wounded and the group of adventurers was forced to rest…

What creature await the party! Will Bendpoint Flourish…. What happen to Platypus’s Corpse!!!! All that and more next time.



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