The Serpent's Tongue #6

The group met together and decided to bring inquisitor Leo with them to the Serpent tongue mountains on their quest to find the Everblade.

Traveling was fast with the group running into no real obstacles on their way aside from the weather. Once making it to the woodline of the mountain chain, the group found a traveler’s trove. Inside there was nothing to valuable with the exception of a magical cooking knife that Aenon took in place of his collapsible bathtub.

After a day or so into the mountains, Seron build an impressive shelter that was soon ambushed by Goblins. The group was hardly effect as Seron and Danica got the jump on the goblins and quickly pacified them.

The goblins explained that they were only trying to steal enough money to buy back their fellow tribesmen who had been captured and sold into slavery. It was at this point that the group learned of the Ogres that were taking over the area. They lead the group to their tribe where one of them, Skiv was badly beaten for bringing outsiders.

The group had words with the leader of the goblins who explained that they like many others were forced from the underdark but the growing goblinoid army. He was untrusting but let them know that the Ogre’s were lead by a fierce war lord Warok who had taken a Frost giant keep and was uniting the tribes of Ogres.

With that said the party left the goblin village and headed toward his keep in hopes of not only freeing the captured goblins, but also in hopes of gaining a new lead on the Everblade. Along the road they encountered some merchant’s heading to the Ogre city. These humans explained that they often brought weapons from Finalle to the Ogre’s in return for furs and other rarities for the mountain chain. After some discussion the party did trade with the group buying a merchant’s loop and another bag of holding and in turn selling a number of their items.

The group left their animals behind after being warned of the Ogre’s distaste for those on horseback and headed into the Ogre city outside of the keep. Here they were greet by some very aggressive guards but ultimately made it in fine after Seron confused one of the guards with some very mixed signals.

Once inside they were warned not to leave the market area or they would face the consequences. The group agreed and went into the market where they found a slave auction going on. Disgusted, the group watched and questioned if they should bid as it would draw attention to themselves. After watching the first slave owner brutally kill one of the goblins he purchased their minds were made up.

The group drew some attention after Seron purchased a frost giant named Oloath and then Aeon purchased both Goblins and a drow named Ardul for large amounts not allowing others to even bid. After the auction ended, Aeon was approached by a Orge who was angry with his show of wealth. The ogre demanded that Aenon give me the slaved. Aenon attempted to barter with him by offering him wine. The ogre who was already drunk took the wine, and still demanded that the slaves be given to him. After Aenon once again refused the ogre threw him o the ground. Leo reached for his weapon as the Ogre continued to harass Aenon but wiping his muddy feet on him before Seron stepped in and stared the Ogre down. He decided it wasn’t worth it and poured the rest of the wine out on Aenon before spitting on him and walking off.

The group decided that they were going to take their new slaves out to talk to them while Leo stayed behind to gather information. the goblins were released and the party started by talking to Oloath. He explained that he was part of a raid that attempted to take back the fortress and fail but wanted nothing more than vengeance. Next was Ardul who was busy praying. She explained that she was a kidnapped priestess though she was clearly stand-offish.

Leo returned that night and explained that after a few fights, he found that the goblins were being kept at a locations close to the city. He also warned that the groups new companions were very evil and to watch them.

With this new information the group headed toward the Ogre camp. Once there Seron and Danica snuck in to free the slaves, while Aenon created a distraction through song! eventually however one of the Ogres no in the song caught Seron and combat broke out. Leo, Seron, Danica, and Aeon fought until only the leader was left. He attempted to run, but a crack shot from Seron the Ogre was stopped. From here the group interrogated they learned of the leader Warok and his godlike weapon Unity. It became clear to them that the Ogre’s seemed to worship Unity as a god. They also found the the weak point in the fortress was a sewer passage passage. Turning their backs, Leo killed the warlord and the group was off.



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