The Resistance!

Session 29

Time past 34 days + Unknown amount of time from the teleport.

The week at sea seemed to pass with ease as the party ventured out guided by Maelriel. The time was spent reflecting with Douglass tanning, and everyone else relaxing before the inevitable hell that was awaiting them. Around 4 hours out Mael informed the group that there were several options before them. They could land need the coast Floresdale, and cross much of the continent, this path however would take them incredibly close to Prime the hub of the Great evil. Alternatively they could continue around the great red cape to the south and land on the western coast near the Nox Swamp or more north near Fort West one of the largest sites of the plague. The party agreed that the undead hordes would be the best bet and set off to the western half of the mainland.

Once there they could see the 100s of undead surround the fortress, as well several Flesh golems the size of large houses. Keeping their distance, the Order moved out making camp only when needed. After around 4 days, the knights arrived at a powerful river that seemed to block their path. Douglass cast a Dim door to cross the river but was chastised by the rest of the party who were quick to remind the Orc of the Angels warning. Magic function on the mainland differently, for all magic is like a mass pool, maybe events are like throwing stones into the Manapool. They cause the energy to form waves the are at times greatly heightened or diminished. The angel had sited instances of teleportations that jolted the users forward several days. Thinking quickly, Content Not Found: trog-b-sebane tied a rope to his bison and ran across the river relying on the Bison’s new hovering hooves.

After another day of riding, Azel noticed strange markings near the camp site and morphed herself into a mouse to investigate. While scouting the scene, she noticed large bird like tracks and informed the sleep party members. Douglass through up a barrier while the others prepared. The creatures quickly revealed themselves are large vulture like demons with Blacked Angelic wings and long thin arms that stretched down to their taloned feet. Twelve in total surrounded the party, 4 red patterned, 4 blues, and 4 greens. on of the red stepped forward screech in a raspy voice " Your equipment…. Where’d you get it" The party responded with a lie stating they had found it in a castle. “Kill them” the Vroc commanded as he stepped backwards and began to dance. The party unleashed everything on the creatures only to find that most of them were illusions and then banished each of them one by one, but not before the group could finish their dance. When it ended, the destruction was immense and had clearly taken its toll on the group. Though there was little time to rest as the commotion of combat had drawn the attention of all the undead in the area.

The party then continued around day with no rest until could take no more and made camp after once again slaying the Armol. While Andra was on watch, the sounds of a forced march could be heard in the distance. Luckily thanks to Azel’s expert camp site, the party had not been detected. Once in range, Alandra’s familiar was able to describe the army. It consisted of 4 large red devils that seemed to be dripping an acid ooze. Each of them stood roughly 5’9 and were of a grotesquely slender frame. Behind them marched a massive fiend that stood 12 foot tall and was built like a tank with massive arms and shoulders. It reptilian head rested comfortably on its grey, wart-covered, torso that was lined in spikes. This demon was clearly the troops’ leader and drug behind him 8 humanoids who were shackled and looked half starved. Stopping parallel to the campsite the demonic leader spoken in Abyssal before reaching over and grabbing one of the girls. He began to violently beat her while yelling out in common
“Where is the resistance!” After a few moments of screaming the rest of the party awoke and were faced with a pressing moral choice. Should we save the girls or will we just die and doom the world? Douglass had Pop attempt to scout the scene but the Red Demons saw through his illusions and in one swift motion, the huge demon stuck Pop from the sky with an arcane spell almost killing the dragon.

The Demon then threw the girl down the crest that the road ran along and told her to go get the beast. While recovering the Dragon the Girl noticed the order in hiding but said nothing as he brought Pop up to the monster. “Ahhh I see the Resistance has been training magic users” He then began to interrogate the girls sister, but before any real torture could be done, Douglass responded with a fireball to the red acidic demons as Trog charged full force toward the large one, impaling him, and Alandra followed this up by Banishing him with a Phantasmal killer causing the monster to stare into the emblem of the order of the Dawn in absolute terror just before ashing.

Panicked, the other demons grabbed the remaining humans teleported off. The two girls then began screaming “We have to go!! they’re are going to be back”. In a moment of haste, Alandra teleported the whole party to the ever forest as it was the only location she could remember and they were off. They arrived in the center of the forest and were introduced to the two girls, the oldest Rene introduced herself and her sister Francesca. They explained that the resistance is really just several groups of Cells that leave subtle markers to indicate safe houses, food, and things of that nature. Their cell however was wiped out and they were enslaved. After securing the area, the party camped taking shifts, unaware of if the teleport had sped up or slowed down time.

In the Morning, Douglass solved the Everforest Trial and the party made their way north, to the tomb of Gyle While most of the Order was without knowledge of the legendary hero, Trog explained to the group that Gyle was the original hero to defeat the ultimate evil. Trog crossed the tombs sand pit with Douglass and Lane before knelling before Gyle’s still unaged body. After the three of them prayed, Trog looked around. After all it was this very location where his God was defeated along with the angel of the gold. While wondering, Trog stumbled upon the corpse of a follower of the Grey and a follower of the gold holding each other at behind the shrine with obvious signs of suicide. Trog prayed before the two as well before the three returned to the party and began to make plans….

Who is the Resistance?
Will Lane attempt to save them all?
Why was the Ram so passive the last battle?!?

All this and more nex time!


Easy spell check is easy.


The Resistance!


The Resistance!

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