The path to the underdark #17

The party began by Celebrating their return with a large feast held in Leo’s honor. Leo and Seron spent much of the night night together while Danica found herself being followed by their golem. After not seeing Gronn or Sir Phineas, Danica found the two of them practicing a special attack together off at the airship. Meanwhile, the groups newest companion Kirean met with his contact who called off the hit on Leo.

In the morning the group discussed plans to head toward the underdark to deal with the goblins and left Gronn with some plans for an armored wagon. Sir Phineas also mentioned wanting to put some weapons onto the Airship and the group agreed.

On the road, the group was made aware of both a woman following them from the skies by Golem 66. Despite trying to find her, they had no luck. That night night the group found themselves under attack by Goblin riders and then ultimately by undead. After the fight, the group attemtpted to clean up when they noticed that Seron had been bitten by what they could only assume was a vampire.

As the party moved out of the forested areas near Beals on the flat open plains leading to the serptine tongue Mts. They still had the distinct feeling that they were being followed. The next day, the group found themselves running across a large stag torn in half. Seron located tracks and the group soon found themselves moving though a small chasm. Seron soon after was attack by a large Frost golem that she dropped almost instantly with little effort. Near it they located his dead owner with a book entitled “Building a snow golem” and a cracked controller gem.

With that at an end, the group once again continued pushing towards the under dark.



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