The Mother Fungus and Warok's wrath! #8

The party rushed down the hallway towards the mother fungus and engaged it in combat. The mother fungus summoned forth defenders and soon began to attempt to take over party members. After a short fight however, the group was able to slay the Mother fungus with the Everblade proving that the weapon was the one they had been searching for.

No sooner did the combat with the mother fungus end that another challenger appeared. Forming from mist, the man demand that the group stop what they were doing and come with him. After some backlash from Amos the party found themselves in a fierce some fight with another vampire. Before long the vampire took control of Danica and commanded her to kill the Cleric. Complying she rushed him but in true Danica fashion, hurled her battle axe out of her hands as she swung. Before long the group had beaten the vampire back to mist form and ultimately it was Amos that saved the day, killing it with a blast of positive energy.

After the fight the group walked out to greet the Ogre’s at the entrance when they were greeted by a half naked slave man. He explained that the Ogre sent him in to convince the party to come out and the Ogres were not to bright. Eventually the group agreed and left the keep to be greeted by nearly 30 Ogres and Warok.

Unlike what they had expected, Warok expressed a great respect for the group. He let them know that they had done him a great favor by slaying the Dwarf for him and that he wanted to make them leaders in his army. However this was only if they agreed to give him the Everblade. The group refused but continued to parley with Warok who eventually decided that this was no place for negotiations. Warok invited the party back to his keep for a great feast in their honor to discuss these matters. The group agreed under protest and headed back to Warok’s keep with them.

Along the way, Warok came into the party’s tent and made sure their accommodations were to their liking. He expressed that he was insanely impressed with them, but it was not the right time to discuss it. Instead Warok wanted to know of their lands and to be given more information about the humans living in prime. As they drank with him, he talk a bit about meeting unity on the battlefield and about his ambitions to concur the human lands to the south. This is why he needs the Everblade, to make the conquest go faster.

After their discussion the Ogre left and the party briefly discussed what they were going to do. There was some consideration but ultimately they were still torn, especially Danica.

Once at the Ogre Fortress, the group moved about waiting for the feast. Aenon and their new friend from the ogres walked to the prison to check on their Frost giant and Drow friend who had been forced back into slavery, before relaxing and drinking in Warok’s lounge. Meanwhile Seron re-uped on her narcotic supply and watched another slave auction with Danica. One of the slaves caught the party’s attention and they demanded that the Ogre guard buy it for them in Warok’s name.

From here the party returned to Warok to feast, but Leo was not with them. The group ate while Aenon walked around seizing up the enemies who were unarmed, and playing his bardic songs. Discussions were intense as Warok eventually agreed to allow the group to keep the Everblade long enough to slay the goblin brood. From here they were to return the sword and receive an army from him to take back Kiverly. There was an uncomfortable tension in the air as both sides went back and forth, each trying to get more and keep the Everblade. Eventually an agreement was reached and Warok called forth his court mage Maly to write up the death contract. This made the group very uneasy.

Warok pressed the party to sign. Likewise Unity, who was actively debating the group, pushd them to sign the contract. Danica was to be the first to put signature to paper and walked over to Warok. She hated this plan and knew that it stood against all of her beliefs. Standing between unity and Warok, Danica gave the signal to Seron and the two attack Warok. The stunned Ogre seemed confused and almost offended but soon whirled Unity around the room killing most of it occupants. After a few rounds, the group managed to slay Warok but not before he spoke to Unity. “I agree” he said to the sword before releasing his soul to the demon that was Unity. The two became one and the party found themselves engaged with a very wicked devil looking.

Immediately it was attacked by Danica but soon clapped onto it with his long monstrous crab like claws. From here the monster crushed her shoulders as she screamed in pain. The rest of the party attempted to save her but Even the Everblade could not seem to crack the beasts exoskeleton. In a final act of desperation, Danica prayed to Anachiel who heard her loyal servant. Danica’s axe ignited as she swung it through the air and severed Unity’s arm, before cracking the Devil’s thick armor. At this time, Leo broke down the door to the mess hall and rushed Unity. Seeing her chance, Seron launched a barge of arrows into Unity’s severed stumped. Finally the free’d Human slave they had met from before rushed up and with the Everblade in hand delivered the final blow to Unity who exploded into a million pieces.

With the final blow dealt, chaos could be heard from outside as the party made their way to Warok’s treasury. After cleaning it out, they returned to the mess hall to sort out their next moves and to speak with Maly the court wizard.



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