The Kobold City: Nezira

Session 11

Days past – 2

The party continued pushing forward toward the kobold strong hold not entirely sure where thier travels would take them. With rough weather the party camped out waiting on the heavy storm to pass when suddenly they spotted a familiar wagon moving down the road. With much they stopped the wagon to find the man who had been traveling up and down the road last time. The only different is this time he was equipted with mind resisting items.

The party searched all through his wagon, But ultimately found nothing of note aside from food, furs, and other common items. Feeling they had no reason to continue holding the merchant in the rain, the Order of The Dawn released him, choosing to instead follow closely behind. After awhile the Natalie, Scouting ahead noticed the man making strange preperations. He made an alter and dropped his goods in a similar fashion to that of the faith of the red, however he did not burn the dropped goods.

After investigating the scene, the party noticed a few kobold and chase the lot back to an opening leading them into a full blown Kobold city with one large kobold giving orders. The Party vigorously attacked him, ultimately revealing that he himself was a Snowclone. After a series of charge lead, Azel was thrown from the mount the party was fighting on and drug off by Kobold. She found herself awakening in a room filled with books and experiments, greeted by an old kobold. The kobold refered to himself as The Egg Shaper and had healed her wounds. He lead her out explaining that his time in Nezira was done and it was really of no interest to him anymore. Raising his cane into the air.

Moving into the catacombs of Nezira, The party located the labritory and found where the eggshaper had been experimenting with many eggs, creating mutant Kobold. They found several of his experiments, most notables a crystalized fetish in a jar, and a black wings fetish in a jar.

Continuing through the party located a room Marked off with draconic writing stating do not enter. Inside there were dead kobold litered along stone spike, with an earth elemental lurking around the corner. After a deadly fight, the party located a Large Magic bottle. After opening the bottle a beautiful woman appeared with light purple skin and gem stone hair. She wore seductive female styled armor that offer no true protection and left little to the imagination….

Who is this mysterious woman?
Will she grant the party 3 wishes?
Are the Kobold all that bad?
All this and more in the next seesion!



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