The Ironbone Cult

Sesion 23

Days passed- 6

Rushing to Lord O’neal’s aid the party headed north toward the scryed location. Along the way the traveling was very rough with it raining for most of the day. After a few days however the party made it to EagleRock. Once there, they found that the town was recovering but slowly. The Party continued until comming to a small hunting lodge that had evidence of murder, thoguh it was from weeks prior. After a bit of searching, the party found that the well led to an underground hallway with several undead that had be dispatched already. Without thinking, Douglasslaunched a fireball down the hallway destroying the corpses and all loot they had on them. At the end of the hall was a door that led into a room with an aura that destroyed all creatures who were not undead. Sir Lane rushed in and found out about the aura the hard way. After a bit of thinking, the party was inrupted but a large skeletal undead who taunted them from inside the barrier.

In an attempt to get him to face the party, they revealed that they were in pocession of the Skull of Ferromosis. This delighted the creature but he refused to go any farther without evidence. The undead also made threats of slaying the parties newly formed town, Bend Point.

They then returned to O’neal where the party contacted the McTiers who while reluctant to use necromancy again, did so to create the party a set of rings. These rings masked the parties aura as undead allowing them to move through the aura. Catching the undead off guard, the group attacked and were barely able to overcome the undeads awesome might. After searching the cults base they did run accross a statue of Ferrumosis that had the legs are arms colored in as if to say the cult was in pocession of them. In addition the party found a transmutation circle used to create a Liche and several useful books of Ferrumosis, Indestructable Phalactries, Liche creations, Soul bindings, and other undead dieties. As well as thier loot, the group freed Lord O’neal and brought him back to O’neal. Once there the party rested and warmed the Highhillers of the threat to attack the town made by the Cult Leader. Douglass also contacted Tabit to sell Items aquired in the dungeon and while selling goods let it slip that the good came from a cult worshipping Ferrumosis that the party had just slain.

Wait awaits our heroes next !?1?!



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