The Guardians of Mino-Cross

Session# 67

After a bit of house keeping (Plots being bought etc)

The Order of the Dawn set out to retrieve the corpse of the legendary Blacksmith Conway.
the Dawn’s research lead them to the Ruined town of Thrickenridge. Immediately the Dawn could tell something was wrong as the town appeared to be covered in a thick haze that aged everything within it.
After some investigation the party was confronted by the multihead ChronoHydra Ferosis. Calming the creature the party explained the state of the world and what they were looking for. Ferosis led them to Conway’s remains in exchange for a favor. Ferosis explain that he was one of many Natural guardians, birthed to protect the lands of Mino-Cross. Ferosis was concerned for the well being for his companion Raspitek of the Floral Plains. It was at this point that the group was confronted by a large army of demonic forces that taunted them with threats of death. Taking this opprotunity, Alandra stepped forward and Screamed, killing the entire army and gravely wounding it’s Lieutenant who fled.

The party agreed to seek out Raspitek and left for the plains. The group there found the remains of the Colossal spider and resurrected him, agreeing to take him back and seek out the rest of the Guardians, hoping to make powerful new allies in their war on Hell.



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