The Gnomes are Coming!

Session 35

Days Past – 5
After heading home, the party was rudely awakened by the sound of Lightfoot’s horn warning of an unknown coming up the road. Springing to action, the Order of The Dawn found it was Sir MacArnold and two of his other harvest guard.

MacArnold explained that his Harvest guard had been destroyed by a massive Gnomish army that spit fire and found like demons while patroling the countries southern borders. The group welcomed him and his two remaining Guard to stay and booked it for the gnomish lands. Once at the site the Leader of the Order of the Shield explained to Trog that they were possessed beings that were heading along the country side destroying the landscape and killing everything in their way. There were also rumors of a Boy that matched Quinndescription fighting the army.

With 50 other gnomish Cavaliers, the party confronted the army. After quite a bit of death and several members almost dieing, the armies general, A fallen angel, began attacking the party. Luckily however the party was able to overcome the monster with Alandra stealing it’s soul and forever sealing it away.



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