The Death Of Smith

Session 14

2 Days

After the chaos of the fight between Dogface and Alanda the party was finally calming down when they recieved the message from Tabit. He offered them the Circlet back for the simple cost of the Order of The Dawn’s fortress. Naturally Dogface was suprised. After a bit of fighting and telling Tabit no, one of Sir Rivercrest’s men noticed a wagon chasing down a man and pumping him full of arrows. The man exscaped just enough to get into the Orders fortress when it was revealed that this was Berry , from the Smith and Harp. The knight all rushed out, catching the wagon driver and bringing him under OoD arrest.
The driver was obvious high on black serum. After burrying Smith the party sent Sir Rivercrest to the dungeon to “extract” information with the help of Dogface and Alandra. Meanwhile Aiden watched with great pleasure, making note the techniques.


The driver gave out a bit of valueable information about both Wrieth being overrun and the NPS. The party then rushed to Wrieth to find the town in Shambles. A friend of Spearamint greeted them, Telling them Black Serum was easily avaiable and that a gang had taken control of Wrieth. Heading to the Smith and Harp, Azel and Alandra entered the perimenter, pretending to be looking ofr a fun time. While in the Bar they were noticed by a thuggish man who showed them the whole operation. The two drug him off to “have some fun” to the woods where he was ambushed by the Order who was waiting for them. After some interegation, They were given more information about the Black Serum House. No sooner could the party gather thier things when they found themselves surrounded by Wolves with a familiar Vampire waiting in the distance.



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