The Danger Hits Home

Session 23

Days Past: 5

(Editor note: This session was written late and thus will only highlight the finer points)

- The Ram executed a horse thief publicly.
- The house being built by the Harp of building were discovered to be dispel-able
- The Whitepiers contacted the guild about purchasing large plots of land in thier new town. They ended up buying 7 plots at 3,000 gold each

Stewart, the new sheriff of Bend Point, had mentioned to The Ram that the undead seemed to make their bases in wells and that they should check out the well in their guild hall. Doing so the guild was able to location a base of the undead. Once there it was noted the entrance was sealed with dangerous runes that the guild mage, Alandra, and Dogface were able to remove. The undead escaped after the party entered and almost drown. After this it was discover that in their lair had a large teleportation circle . With this mishap, Content Not Found: trog-b-sebane took his two gnomish companions and headed south to the gnome lands.



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