The Crypts of Floresdale

Session #60 & #61

Days Past – 2
The party walked through the remains of Floresdale only to see a city full of rot and death. After making it to the well in the old dwarven distict,the group descended into the catacombs and made thier way through the twisted dungeon. After retrieving the remains requested by Lance the group decided that since H ewas not entirely trustworthy that they would have a Dimensional Anchor ready to stop him in his tracks. They were sucessful to some degree, Alandra however used a staff to get all “innocents” out of the way ultimately leading them to the slaughter as the major spell usage attracted yet another member of the Devil’s Council. The group let Lance get his wish, choosing to instead fight the demon that Trog managed to slay on a lucky charge and alandra managed to capture. With Khalia feeded, the group used thier favor to wish both themselves and the resistance member back home to the safety of Bendpoint.



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