The Champions of Azerus

Session 41

Days past – 3 Days
After the events of last session, the party thought it best to scry locations before going to them for treasure hunting. After getting a wide variety of locations, the group decided it best to head to a massive statue in the middle of no where. After getting there, the party encountered a massive stone statue that was covered in vines and flora. Douglaswas able to quickly Identify runes of flesh to stone around it and stop the party from entering.

Getting into more ideal combat position, the party triggered the trap and began combat. After Unloading on the Huge Spiderlike construction it struck back firing beams of light out that petrified trog and badly hurt the rest of the party. Seeing Content Not Found: trog-b-sebanefall, Lanebegan to frenzy and torn through the construct that dissolved into a thick, oily tar that Lane Bottled.

Alandra took Trog’s body and rushed off to Lavion. There the town had become much less utopian then it was in the past. Alandra was on a mission though and wasted no time getting Trog fixed. The receptionist mentioned the rebellions that the inquisitors have been extinguishing in the area and thusly Trog tipped 2,000 gold as the guild had fallen on harsh times.

The two then returned back to the site and went down to enter the shrine beneath the statue. There they fought a large tentacled monster that would have killed Alandra except that Douglas shocked he back to life while Trog applied immediate first aid.

A few rooms down the way A trap required a sacrifice of flesh, Alandra and Lane stepped up and ended losing a hand. As the dungeon continued on, they ended up finding several artifacts including the Immortal mail, and the mask of consuming.

At the end of the dungeon, the party came upon a room filled with darkness that materialized into a god figure. He introduced himself as Azerus and asked for a champion to come forth. Alandra volenteered knowing that Lane and Trog were both of a good allignment and was given the blade of souls that her name was then burned into. The god then claimed her as his champion and Arrised his shrine, The Shrine of Azerus.

After these events closed, Alandra decided it was time to get her soul back and Lane needed to speak with the McTiers. Lane got a new hand sewn on and Alandra became a dragon again and got her leg fixed….



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