The Blood Child Rises

Session 16

7 days
h3. Esembling the Troops

Sir Dogface pointed out to the order that the Kobold they were after, Glintooth, had taken of Nezira and likely rised an army to do so. As such the order agreed that it was time they gathered thier own military strength, thinking it would help unify the bounds of the nobles as well. Going to Alandra, she contacted the Mage’s Guild who happily put the members through.

Sir Rivercrest

Sir Rivercrest was the first of the leaders the dawn approached, While rivercrest had no men at his disposal, he gladly joined the fight.

Sir Meywood

Sir Meywood was quick to join the fight.With Little to no convincing from Dogface Metwood offered up his men, however he wanted to leave a battalion of them behind. The party excepted these therms and left Robert Whisk behind to defend the homefront.

Elite Footsoldiers: 65

The Harvest Guard

The First group of soldiers the Dawn contacted was Sir Macarnold‘s Harvest Guard. Naturally Sir Macarnold was hesitatant about coming to the guild’s house without any reason given. “Tell your leader if he’s wasting my time, I’m gunna Skull F*** him”. Eventually After Showing up however, MacArnold was all on board.

Elited Light Cavalry: 30

Gnomish Order of the Shield

Content Not Found: trog-b-sebane Contacted the Gnomish nation and requested his fellow Shield member to join him in a battle against thier mortal enemy, the Kobold. They exstaticly accepted.

Heavily Cavalry: 50

The Mctiers

Next on the list of contacts were the McTiers. When asked to send what they could spare, the Mctiers sent out thier entire guard forces as well as went out to actively recruit more soldiers to the fight.

Footmen: 2000

The O’neals

Like the McTiers, When the order contacted the O’neals the estaticly joined the fight. Jason also expressed congratuations on the parties resolution to a civil war.

30 green Knights


The party was unsure about contacting Tonya Fireseed. They’d never met her but as a nieghboring noble, she was welcomed. Tonya agreed to join thier fight but there was a price, after negotionations were made Tonya joined thier army. The terms: Lane Stills is to grant her one, Non-Evil, Legal, non-religous favor of her choice at a unspecifided point in the future. Or die from the death contact.

Elite Arcane Archers: 30


After all was said and done, the party contacted Lord Firewell and informed him of thier unified team to attack the Kobold. He was happy that the party had not mentioned that this was to avenge his son and sent the firewell family hierloom “HieB” a sword of devasting heat.

Missionaries of Khalia

While waiting for various members of the unified force to arrive, Two missionaries of Khalia Arrived. The two were dress in extravagant flowing light purple, gemmed clothing. They asked for a place to rest and were granted it by Sir Stills. However the situation got tense we Sir Dogface bartered with them for a set of siege weapons, as crafts men they knew of someone able to craft such weapons. All the two wanted in return was to build a small shrine to Khalia so that other pilgrims on thier way to The Jewel of the Gods may stop and praise. Naturally Sir Lane was opposed to this but eventually gave into logic…. begrudgingly.

The Roost

The Order noticed that there was an unused tower within thier keep, that was set up for messanger Falcons. So after finishing her massive naturalistic village to house the troops outside the fortress, Azel too off in search of larges birds of prey. She was able to find 1 male with 3 females that all required a high place and lots of prey to come with her. She gave them both.

The calm Before War

During the days while the Order awaited Dogface drank with Lady Patricia, Tonya Fireseed, Macarnold, and Jason O’neal. Discussing the days plans and general what nots. Patricia expressed to Dogface that she enjoyed him and that the others do not give him enough credited. She also expressed her great distaste in Tonya and MacArnold over the course of several days.

The day before the battle The Knights gathered each leader to form thier battle stategies. The basic plan was that thet order of the Dawn would rush into the throne room to attack Glintooth directly while the armies outside fought and killed the Kobold. It was at this time that The Egg Shaper was brought into the room in handcuffs.

The Egg Shaper, as always was both respectful and calm. He quickly offered up all the information he could. After wards when questioned why he’d give all this up willingingly he expressed a sarrow towards his creations. As he put it in return for his release, he would see thier destruction, repenting for this creation in the first place.

The Battle

Once the plans were in place the Order of the Dawn marched with the army to the outskirts of Nezira, waiting. The plan was for the Order to teleport in, defeat the Kobold Leader and then send out the message to the army before joining the fight outside. The Order teleported in and faced off against Glintooth and Rylitik. After Dispatching the two and Recovering the crown, the party attempted to teleport out. Dogface however made an error when casting the scroll, Throwing the Order outside, After the Battle.

Victory and the parties to come

After aiding in the cleaning of the battlefield, the party was greeted by a unpetrified Lord Wrieth. He led them down back to Wrieth for a massive party in thier honor. It was a glorious time with all the Nobles being kind, Drinking, and merriment. Afterwards there was a reward ceremony inwhich the Party was given medals and the land inwhich they own was expanded.

A Paragon Rises

The ride back to Bend point was a relaxed walk in the park with many members still feeling the effects from the festivies of the previous night. When closer to the guild house, the party noticed something horrific, the Castle was burning. In a panic they rushed towards the Keep to find Lady Patricia sitting a top a pile of corspes, smiling, Around her they could clearing see Quin and Roberts corpses, as well Aiden’s dismember head sat a top a spike. Before anyquestiosn could be asked, Dogface Launched a Fireball at Patricia, who’s armor Absorbed the damages instantly. She laughed removing a contact to reveal a large B burned into her Iris. “Who the Fuck do you think my dad is” She yelled drawing her weapons and charging. She mocked the Order as she cut them down one by one. Making an exscape route, Dogface attempted to escape but was sliced in half leaving Trog as the only one to make it outside of the order’s walls.

Looking back, Trog Saw Quins Corpse’s Burst into flames as Patricia was too distracted hacking up corpses. Within secounds Quin’s Body roses and drew the blade HieB from dogface’s body and plungged it through Patricia’s Chest. From there, there was a massive explosion.

The Party Awoke to find themselves standing Face to Face with Anachiel.



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