The Battle Of Jane's Plantation

Session 6

Days past – 8 days
This time on McE……

1 week,1 day until the battle
The Party began the night with a trip to the Smith and Harp to collect on there reward. Each party member choosing the girl of the liking and settling any bicking with a game of rock paper scissors. Each Girl and party member was pleasantly trilled with thier outcome except for Buttercup. She was paired off with Lane, the fearless paladin.

Lane Spent the night with Butter cup lecuring her on her ways and reciting verses from the Bible of Sabriel. It was not until She began to fall asleep and that’s Lane began to probe Buttercup about why she chose her profession. Buttercup explained she enjoyied her job and enjoyed performing more then anything. It was after this confession that Lane vowed to find a Noble house willing to take her as the court bard. The Firewells seemed the most likely canidates.

1 week until the battle
Alicia Droggle explained to the party that she planned on arriving around 2-3 days before the battle. With that in mind the party ready themselves up and began the journey westward to Jane’s Plantation. Before leaving Wrieth, the party encountered High Captain Mars coming into town. After a bit of talk, he explained he was in Wrieth to speak with Lord Wrieth about issues involing the nobles. The party then spent a bit of time training with Mars before heading out.

Along the road the party pasted through many fields and saw a huge portion of New Mino’s Bread Basket. However after coming into Jane’s farmlands they instantly noticed how much larger and more vibrant Jane’s Crops were.

At the plantation the party was greated by Jane. Immediately Trog became infatuated unable to look away from her devilish eyes. Jane then introduced her three daughters. Odette, Sammy, Janus. Despite their lack of family resemblance the three did seem related. Trog then went with Odette to board Eggbert. Once inside the Oddette began to throw herself at Trog, Meanwhile the rest of the party waited outside discussing battle plans and how four woman could run a farm this large on their own. It was about this time that the party rushed in on Trog and Odette before anything major could happen, leaving Trog blue.

The party continued to question the odd behavior of the family, from the lack of farmhands to the pristine condition of the living spaces and even the lack of answers the Ladies could provide. After a bit of questioning the family invited them to a nice Pork Feast. Only Trog and Dogface decided to go while the rest of the party strayed off investigating the farm. Things began to heat up between Trog and the females at dinner until Dogface joined them, once again leaving Trog blue.

That Night it was decided Trog and Dogface would stay inside, while Lane and Ezel Watched the home from the outside. In the middle of the night Ezel gave the warning signal, Once again making Trog Blue who had snuck into Odette’s room. after going down with him and dog face, Odette locked the doors. The party then went through the fields to chase a shadowy figure. Dogface stayed behind to stand watch.

Lane became was insistent on the creature being evil and continued his pursuit, following it with the party into the woodline. After doing so however the skys opened up and began to pour down. It was at this point that the party head pan pipes and could see Jane. She was staring upward at the sky with tendrils coming off her entire body dancing in the rain. Lane moved ever so slightly wrong causing his armor to rustle and starled her. There whats a blurr of hair as a saytr rushed by before Jane melded into a tree and the party headed back to Dogface. Only then did they realize she was a nymph and the “daughters” Pixies.

Day of the Battle,
A day Prior Captain. Droggle had arrived with her 30 men at arms. She explained that they’d lost 2 men after an encounter with bandits but not to worry. They went off to prepare the battle field laying down Barricades and oiling the fields.

The Battle itself was fierce. Capt. Droggle lost most of her men, as well Lane was almost slain having his armor sundered. In addition Trog’s faithful mount Eggbert passed. Thanks to the AoE spells of both Eliza and Dogface, The battle was won before the Kobold could claim anymore lives. When burring the dead 2 things became apparent to the party. 1) The kobold were member of the Order of the Claw. and 2) Capt. Droggle seemed to have an almost distaste for her Orcish Soldiers. On the ride back the party questioned her to find out that the orcs were prisoners of war. They converted to Mce soldiers after wiping out most of capt. Droggles original troops when she was stationed in O’neal.

Knights of the Dawn
After arriving back with the fresh bounty of the battle the party was met by Warren Stone. He rambled to them about Lord Wrieth wanting to knight. He explained that the main reason for their hasty Knight Ceremony was for political favor. It was an excuse for Lord Wrieth to meet with the Nobles that had been harassing him and find out who was behind the assassination attempts.

After Briefing Lord Wrieth, Capt. Droggle met with the party letting them know Lord Wrieth was waiting for them. Lord Wrieth was busy writing as they entered. He explained that the [[Order of the Claw}] Apeared to be the Kobolds strike force, Where as the Order of the Egg was their dragon hatchery. After a brief conversation on the mission Lord Wrieth Informed them they were to be Knighted that night and a grant party would be thrown in their honor. All they need do is give him the Name of their new order and He would send the plans for their Order’s keep to be raised. After much thought the party decided on The Knights of the Dawn, With the crest reflecting Eggbert in a rising sun.

That night the party was well met with Noble families from all across the lands as they were knighted.

What does the future hold for the Order of the Dawn…..?
Is one of the Noble families responsible for the assassination attempts on Lord Wrieth at the party…..?
And what important mission has the elven rouge been on to keep her from the battles at hand……?
All this and more in the next session of Barachiel’s Choosen….. Z!!!



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