The Angel of the Black #21

The party exited the drow fortress and began making their way toward one of the large locations marked in Red on their map of the Under dark. Along the way, they encounter a cavern Dragon, but he was scared off by Seron leaving the location. A few days later, the party found that they were being pursued by what they assumed was the mother of the prince dragon they had killed.

During this time, Danica located Goblin tracks that Seron was able to trace back to their layer. Inside the goblin layer, the good found a strange glass portal but ignored it for a time despite it glowing when something was slain. As they continued going through, they soon found themselves face to face with a demon that seemed to be controlling the Brood mother. The group slew the demon before moving on and executing the Brood Mother using the Everblade.

It was then upon exploring the rest of the cave that they found the location where the Angel Barchiel appeared to not only be alive but trapped. She touched her hand to the glass before being pulled back into the shadows of the crystal but some dark mysterious force. While this occurred Icette fell to the ground screaming in pain as the gods spoke to her. She awoke with a formula for the God Serum and a Message for the Goddess Alandra: “Resurrect her.”



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