Strange Caverns #10

The party continued their way back toward Beals to regroup and help inquisitor Leo find his order. Despite believe it would be a long march back through harsh weather, the party made incredible time only really stopping along the way.

They began to smell a putrid odor that was unmistakably of death. Going to investigate, the group found a black stump in the center of a clearing with 13 bodies laid out around it. Most notable about the corpses was that,despite smelling foul, they showed no signs of death. There were no animal bite marks, no bloating, and on further inspection, they had no organs.

After much thought on the matter, the group came to the conclusion that this was the results of teleportation. On the Mainlands with magic still haywire, teleportation can be very risky as such it appeared this was a failed attempt.

Once in Beals the group made the decision to avoid Gron due to the Everblade situation. As imagined, this did not go well as Gron quickly found Seron. Gron was quick to explain that the angel no longer wanted the Everblade but instead gave him a warning to deliver to the group. The angel warned that a great and powerful dragon was upset with the Inquisitors of Kiverly and that a hippogrif would be coming to destroy them. Gron of course was confused by this but in true Ogre fashion had drawn this out on his wall as cave paints. After a bit of talk about construction, Gron new favorite hobby, Seron left the Ogre paladin and headed to warn her allies.

At the Church of the Red, Amis found himself performing service for the people of the town when Seron came in. Most notable was that there were many members of the Leaf guard here worshiping. Without much thought, Seron explained the warning to the group and was over heard by one of the worshiping Leafguard who misunderstood. Thinking that Azel was wrathful for his worship of the Celestial Angels, the member of the guard left in a panic to warn his companions.

The group left the church to check in with Menith before finally heading to meet with Leo and the town Elder. Menith was initially cold and short tempered with the group when they came. He expressed his frustrations, especially when being asked once more if he was a Liche. Despite his temper, the old sage expressed a desire to help the group and a small amount of faith in their competence. Menith pulled out an old spell book and explained that while going through his things he found it and that while he was not as strong as in his youth, he could still be helpful. The party let him know that they would consider traveling with him.

From here they went to meet with Leo and the towns elder. After a short talk, Leo explained that some of the men from an inquisitor’s personal guard had come to Beals and that the inquisitor was in trouble. He’d left to find “The gauntlet of the Slimelord” and never returned. Leo expressed being torn about whether or not to leave as he did not want to abandon his friends in their time of need should hippogriff’s attack. Likewise He wanted to come and save the Inquisitor. Ultimately Leo removed his signet ring to give as proof that they were with the order so that any Inquisitor’s would join them and left the choice to the party. The group decided it would be best for him to stay there and instead took Icette with them to this mysterious cavern.

After 2 days journey the party located the cavern, an old iron mine, and went inside. There was a thick citrus aroma to the mine as the party walked deeper into the earth. Along the way the group found several acid pools before eventually coming to a large room filled to the brim with Acid Slimes!

After a long fight in which the creature split and split and split again, the group found themselves exhausted and staring down multiple paths forward. With 1 day until Bearune is said to arrive and a dungeon full of ooze, the question becomes, what’s next?!?



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