Safry Verus Maelriel

Session 18

Days passed: 3

The Session began with the Order heading west to see the Ciatore. After a day of camping, Alanda decieded to take Natalia exploring while she hunted. Out in the wild the two found a herd of Bison, Alandra swooped down grabbing on of the large beast and brought it to the camp site.

The Party feasted before Alandra devoured the rest of the beast. Seeing this beast excitied Content Not Found: trog-b-sebane as he was in need of a new mount, he begged Alandra to take him back to the heard. Once at the herd of Bison, Trog steathed up to the largest one he could find and mounted it. It fought with the gnome fiercely by was ultimately tamed, joining Trog on his quest. Alandra offered to ride back with Trog he however insisted she go aheard.

On the ride back Trog was attacked and almost robbed by Feyborne druids. Ultimately they offered to negotionate enchantments for the price of metal objects the Gnome had on him. He agreed gaining several new enchantments. Before long the rest of the party located the mount and entered making trades. Sir Lane was kicked out of the Feyborne’s burrow after giving them a longsword for free and then trying to take it back. Dogface got incredibly upset feeling as though the Feyborne were ripping them off before eventually leaving.

The Party continued after a short nap toward the Ciatore city, once there they were Warmly greated by the artistic race that took kindly to them. In a matter of no time they were brought to the Sleeping god, Safry. Once there the party was told of a great battle between both Safry and Maelriel that ended with Maelriel being eaten and vowing to kill Safry from the inside. Sir Still was displeased and drew his weapon preparing to cut Maelriel out when Divine wisdom changed his mind. After speaking with both sides a truce was reached. In a year, Maelriel would return to finish the fight, to get him coughed up Safry request Khalia, Though did not agree on a favor. Khalia was summon at thier favor was used, Have sex with Safry they asked her. It was then that Natalia spoke. " Doesn’t that mean you owe us a favor Safry" With a look of rage Safry knew he’d been beat…. " NEver Have sex with Khalia the order requested. With rage in his voice the Genie agreed and vanished, to be forever chased by Khalia.

Maelriel Nodded to the party and spoke, It was strange though to them that he could speak with them directly unlike Anachiel and Barachiel. Sit Lane explained that this had to do with the Quire inwhich the Dieties belonged to and he agreed. Without farther a do, Maelriel transported the party to Wrieth. Once there they rushed to speak with Lord Wrieth only to find out that thier guild was doing well and that a suprised awaited them when they got home. At this time Sir Trog decided that it was time to explain to him that they’d been on a mythic quest for Barachiel. Lord Wrieth could not take this all in and requested that the party leave stating he’d need to reconsider thier knighthood and sent them on thier way.



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